Zorliarn is located on Blade Square on Trithik. He offers battle enchantments. See also the associated forum thread.

To access his enchantments:

  1. Visit his "shop"
  2. Visit The Griffon's Ledge Alehouse
  3. Wander about the common room until you hear about him
  4. Go back to his shop

Zorliarn will then offer two enchantments in exchange for AT (his enchantments are only available to Adventurers Guild members)

Enchantments Edit

Your Adventure Finder will show the following indicating that the enchantments are available,

Zorliarn the Sage - Blade Square in Trithik
1 event/scenario

Once you have purchased one or both enchantments The Aldvarian Tomb adventure that is listed below will become available although your adventure finder refers to it as the following,

Something's bothering Zorliarn (Blade Square)
1 event/scenario

The enchantments are as follows;

Enchantment of Mettle
  • This enchantment will help to reduce the likelihood of rolling a '1' during combat.
  • Costs 70 AT and 500 gold
Enchantment of Devastation
  • This enchantment will help to increase the likelihood of rolling a '20' during combat.
  • Costs 80 AT and 500 gold
Old prices

Until May 18, 2014, prices were:

  • Mettle: 35 AT and 2,000 gold
  • Devastation: 40 AT and 2,000 gold

Until January 31, 2012, prices were:

  • Mettle: 12 AT and 5,000 gold
  • Devastation: 16 AT and 5,000 gold

Until May 13, 2012, prices were:

  • Mettle: 18 AT and 2,000 gold
  • Devastation: 24 AT and 2,000 gold

Until October 30, 2012, prices were:

  • Mettle: 24 AT and 2,000 gold
  • Devastation: 30 AT and 2,000 gold

Before August 12, 2013, prices were:

  • Mettle: 30 AT and 2000 gold
  • Devastation: 35 AT and 2000 gold

Effect Edit

You can see in the shop how many 1's and 20's have been affected (in the whole game) by these enchantments from the moment this feature went live.

Also, in combat, you'll receive messages like:

The Enchantment of Mettle helped you avoid 2 rolls of 1.
The Enchantment of Devastation helped you score 1 roll of 20.

It's currently unknown exactly how much do these enchantments affect the probability distribution of combat rolls, but they seem to have a significant impact. On the words of the GM: "Over time, based on the way the enchantments have the chance to shift a roll away from a '1' and the chance to turn a roll into a '20', a character possessing both enchantments will roll 1s less than any other number, and will roll 20s at a higher rate than any other number."

The Aldvarian Tomb adventure (listed below) results in rewards that in the words of the GM, "provides a couple of bonuses, one of which is an augmentation of one or both of Zorliarn's enchantments." It is currently unknown exactly how the "augmentation(s)" affect the enchantment(s).

Associated adventures Edit

 The Aldvarian Tomb (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Zorliarn the Sage's shop in Trithik's Blade Square, then Bentlimb Wood
Description: You sense that something is seriously troubling Zorliarn...
Requirements: One or more of Zorliarn's enchantments
Difficulty: Hardest enemies 11+ at MR 82

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