Zirigil's Path (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Trithik
Description: N/A
Requirements: (AG)
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.

To unlock Zirigil's Path meet with an old man at the back room of the Griffon's Ledge, every seven days five times. Each time you meet him you'll receive increasing general XP rewards (32, 64, 128, 256, 384), until the path is unlocked.

Walkthrough Edit

Since I couldn't find any pages on Zirigil's Path, I decided to make one. This is my first wiki entry, so I apologize for how bare and incomplete it is. Also, I have no idea on how to link to items or required quests.

Zirigil's path map

A: altar B: bloodgrub nest C: corpse (has loot) E: entrance/exit S: statue LE: Lever K: Keyhole G: Glygh

This is the last part of Zirigil's Path, and it begins in the Griffon's Ledge Alehouse. After talking with Tarkarnor, you receive Tarkanor's Note. This gives directions to how to complete the dungeon you are transported to.

"Two upon, o'er one below; Place two of the stone spheres you find on the top level of the plinth, and the last on the bottom

Twice upon the finger stone; IDK

Cursed key not twisted right; Turn the key to the left, be careful and make sure it is turned to the left

I return to set things right."

You can exit the dungeon the same way you came in and rest, but only stamina is restored, so don't waste NV healing. The dungeon is populated with blood grubs, I found them at 3+ with MR 129.

Explore the dungeon until you find three small stone spheres. They will be found in the blood grub nests after defeating around 6-9 blood grubs and passing a check of 100 (luck and 0.25*woodsmanship). Place two of the spheres on top of the stone plinth in the NW of the dungeon. Place the last sphere on the bottom. This unlocks the lever on the eastern edge of the dungeon.

Turn the lever to the left, then "From somewhere far off to the west you can hear what sounds like metal sliding over stone." Head back west, and two spaces before the stone plinth you just used, there will be a square headed key. It reduces MR (-27), SP (31), and NV(-10), so take it to the NW part of the dungeon (it is shaped like a donut, go to the 12 o'clock square) and use it on the keyhole. Turn it to the left, and make sure it is turned left (if you turn right first, and try to turn left, it won't work and you have to turn the key to the middle before you can turn it to the left).

Return to the lever, and turn it to the right. This unlocks the statue in the southern part of the dungeon, which gives you the other half of the scroll. Go to the glyph in the southern part of the dungeon (close to the statue) and give both scrolls to the apparition.

After this is story. After you give the scroll pieces to the ghost, you feel compelled to kill him with the dagger Tarkarnor gave you. I heard out Zirigil, and then let him go.

Quest Rewards: +1024 General XP, +128 AS&P; both halves of Zirigil's Iron Scroll, 10 AT's, +8192 to General XP, +256 AS&P, and a ring which dissolves and gives you +2 permanent stamina; +1024 Gen XP, +32 AS&P.

Hope this helps, and sorry for how bad this page is. I don't know if I ever want to try to fix it, but anyone that wants to certainly can.

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