Yuletide is one of the seasons often used by the GM to release a new winter-themed adventure, sometimes a limited-time scenario, sometimes permanent.

2004 Edit

Quest:A Cold Winter's Night was released around Christmas this year, as a permanent quest.

2005 Edit

Quest:The Beast of Ironfang was released as the winter scenario of 2005, as a permanent quest

2006 Edit

There was not any particularly winter-themed adventure added at Yuletide this year

2007 Edit

Not one, but three winter-themed adventures: The Killing Hand of Winter, The Ring of Black Stones and Rise of the Frost Demon, all permanent

Also, And to All a Good Night, temporary

2008 Edit

A Blizzard in the Hills was initially added as a limited-time scenario, but it was later brought again as a permanent adventure.

2009 Edit

The winter event of 2009 was The Obelisk of Winter, temporary.

2010 Edit

The Yuletide event of 2010 was The Great Palobread Man Roundup, temporary

2011 Edit

There was a short event we've called Yuletide 2011

The Yuletide quest for 2011 is a trip to Snow Island, available from Friday (12/30) from Zumryn's Battlegrounds

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