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There are some enemies in Sryth that cannot be defeated using normal (non-magical) weapons. Unarmed Combat counts as a non-magical weapon unless you use a special item like a Wyxryn's Ring (see Tallys and Unarmed Combat for details about them). Some of these enemies are storyline-based (like the serpent in The Murk). Others you're warned about beforehand (like the Voren-Thul in Stoneback Hill), but for most, the only way to know for sure is to fight them. And in that moment it can be too late, since you cannot switch weapons in the middle of a combat.

If you find yourself confronted to one of these enemies without a magical weapon, your only choices are:

  • Use powers
  • Use special combat items (like the WoD or the FoD)
  • Flee (if at all possible)

This page is dedicated to list those enemies, so you can switch to use a magical weapon in time to fight them. In this case, forewarned is (literally) forearmed.

List of enemiesEdit

This list contains information collected in {{ #NewWindowLink: | this forum thread }}, but is far from complete. Please add your examples below.

  • Most ghosts and spirits
  • Most air, water and fire elementals (too many to list here), but NOT most earth elementals
  • Runeskin minions, I think all of them
  • On Explore the realms at random:
    • Liches, lesser and greater deathless ghouls
    • Bosses in Shadow Paths
    • "Metal" imps
  • The slime creature in The Jadefang Lair
  • Daidrur's elementals
  • The shadowbeasts in PG V
  • Ithroga
  • CHR and his minions

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