Since the XP Bonus is a little hard to calculate sometimes, several attempts have been made through the years to provide a calculator that makes it easier. These tools help calculate the XP you need to achieve your target level in various skills and powers. This can also help you better plan your grinding schedule and the effect of the several ways to alter your base stats in creating a character.

There are currently one online and two offline calculators

Bug notice

Owing to a small rounding error, calculators are not correctly adjusted for all values of the XP Bonus. All of them share a common error with skill/power XP bonus 10%, which sometimes incorrectly reports as 0%. However, for higher values (15-30% bonus) they all work correctly.


Havoc's Online Calculator Edit

The calculator is available as a Google spreadsheet. You can access it in the following ways:

You can leave comments and suggestions on the Talk page

Offline Edit

Both offline XP calculators were made by Havoc.

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