You’re not out in the woods yet, but knowledge of Woodsmanship could help you along in there. Though there are some sprawling cities in Sryth, there are also many large tracts of wilderness, ranging from tangled forests to bare mountains. Despite its name, the skill of Woodsmanship will boost your chances of survival in any wilderness environment from forest to swamp (after all, who's heard of swampmanship?).

Uses Edit

Woodsmanship is another skill with a variety of uses from tracking game to finding your directions in the tangled forest. Like Thievery, Woodsmanship also is the skill related to the dungeon map overview for outdoor dungeons, and will help you immensely in these areas by providing a text or graphical map.

With a certain level of Woodsmanship, (Mastery of Ten or higher) you can also skin some animals (e.g., a Trollsnake in The Murk).

When your skill of Woodsmanship reaches level 50, a question mark ("?") will appear in some places of the dungeons, meaning that in that place an special event will happen. This can be interesting and time-saving or boring and spoilerish, depending on your style of playing, so you should be aware of this before you raise your level to 50. The equivalent skill for indoor dungeons is Thievery.

How to get Edit

See also: How to get more skills.

Related stats Edit

Body, Mind, Spirit

Historical note Edit

According to some veteran players, the original skill level required for the question marks to appear on maps was 70; it is uncertain when the value was last changed, but was noticed and tested to be 50+ on 04.12.2009 and confirmed by several members on the forum 04.14.2009. See forum discussion.

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