Item 1413: Wand Of Dragonfire Misc 

Encumbrance: 0
This long iron wand, its surface engraved with swirling flames, is the Wand of Dragonfire -- the powerful weapon wielded by the legendary knight Zardruzin. Little is known about this artifact.
Note: This item can be Used in combat

Obtained atEdit

Acquiring this item is a long, arduous, and worthwhile endeavor -- See The Copper Wood, Vault of the Iron Dragon, and The Blood of Zardruzin for details.

General InformationEdit

From the advices you're given in-game, you're supposed to USE the Wand of Dragonfire to vanquish Jirin-Nol a last time in the Vault of the Iron Dragon, but that adventure is not available yet (Last Updated October 16th 2009: Still not available).

Unique FeaturesEdit


After you obtain it, the Wand of Dragonfire starts showing on your Items list in combat. If you use it, you get a message like this:

  • A deafening roar fills the air as a powerful breath of fire explodes from the tip of your iron wand. Your enemy is consumed by the ravaging flames, taking XXX points of damage...

During the Recharge Period, the message changes to:

  • The Wand of Dragonfire sputters lifelessly.

Combat UsageEdit

  • When used in combat, it causes damage to your foe. (range of 76-324 attested)
  • You also attack your enemy with your weapon according to the combat button you choose (Normal, Aggressive, or Defensive)

Recharge PeriodEdit

  • It has a Recharge Period (i.e. a period of time between uses in which its power is not available)
    • Normally, it takes 2 hours to be able to use it again (used to be 1 hour, which changed at some time during October of 2009).
    • During Challenges, it can only be used only once every Challenge Attempt (so if you start a Challenge, and use it early on, you won't be able to use it in the higher levels even if it takes over one or two hours to get there).

Usage TipsEdit

  • If you think you're going to use it in a battle, use it early. This way, you won't have to sweat it if you get Critical and are trying to bail out.
  • It doesn't reduce your combat experience the way most Powers do.

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