The Well of Blades, a deep, triangular basin set into the precise centre of a small courtyard to the northeast of Blade Square, is as mysterious as it is beautiful.

Sparkling silver water fills the pool to within an inch of its engraved rim. Standing at its edge and peering down into the well, you can see the metallic glint of the countless swords that rest at the bottom of the glittering deep.

This location was added in June, 2011. There is an associated {{ #NewWindowLink: | forum thread }}

Raffles Edit

This location holds short and frequent AG-only raffles. See Well of Blades Raffles for the details.

Toss a sword Edit

Part of the location's game text says: Many adventurers believe that tossing a sword into the Well of Blades will bring them added luck in combat -- if wielding a slashing weapon..

Although the game's text (and this page) only talks about "swords", other slashing weapons (scythes, cutlasses, ...) work in exactly the same way.

You can only toss nonmagical swords into the Well. The game will report the applicable swords on your inventory, and you can choose from them. Swords tossed into the Well are lost forever, as if dropped.

You can only toss a sword every 24 hours.

Effects Edit

After you've tossed a sword, on following combats you might receive the following text:

The glittering image of a sword appears and momentarily cloaks your weapon...

It's been suggested that the effect consists on a modification to the melee roll, consisting either on a reroll of bad rolls (as if it were a "secondary" Luck) or on a guaranteed result of 17-20. This is (for the moment) highly speculative, since no there are no reports of methodical test yet.

It's also unknown if the type and quality of the blade tossed has any effect.

It's also unreported how long does the effect last after tossing a sword.

Adventures Edit

This place hosts Sryth's first-time quest where you can select difficulty (normal or scaled): The Shimmering Spring

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