Map Directions
Vault of the Iron Dragon

You stand on a raised patch of stony ground at the edge of a vast swamp just west of the Copper Wood in Thanevale.

A dark opening in the earth to the north contains a broad set of stone steps that lead down into the legendary 'Vault of the Iron Dragon' -- the tomb that is said to house the spirit of the long-dead dragon lord, Jirin-Nol.

See the quest Vault of the Iron Dragon to learn how to unlock this location.

The Kingdom of Tysa
Northwest Tysa

The Stonelands

Northern Tysa


Northeast Tysa


Western Tysa

The Edgelands

Central Tysa

The Middle Kingdom

Eastern Tysa


Southwest Tysa


Southern Tysa

The Thanelands

Southeast Tysa


Saarngard Isle Iron Crown Isle

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