This special surprise for Adventurers Guild members was first announced on the 12th February 2009 and was available for only a few short days. During that time if you visited Talinus you would notice that "A tall, slender woman in flowing green robes, her head crowned with a plumed red hat, is eyeing you from just across the way. and you could choose to Approach the green-robed woman.... If you did you would receive Pink Heart-Shaped Box and would be told to return to her on the 14th February. After that approaching the woman before the 14th would only earn you a sigh and a reminder that it is not yet time.

After the 14th you could no longer receive the box, you could only bring it to the woman to get it opened.

Starting on the 14th, if you approached the green-robed woman you would give her the box and she would try to open it. The end result was that you received a Fire-Ravaged Box and a hint that someone might want it.

If you visited the Goblinclaw Inn with the Fire-Ravaged Box in your possession you would have the option to Seek out Galorna.... Using the correct item would get you the following:

There is no limit for getting the reward, as long as you have the Pink Heart-Shaped Box. You can return it to the lady any time.

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