Some items in the game, specially items gained in quests, may appear at first to be Unidentified. Also, all Icons appear unidentified at first.

  • You cannot equip an Unidentified Item.
  • The Unidentified and Identified versions of an item are two separate objects, with different Item IDs.
  • An unidentified item does usually show all or a part of the description of the fully Identified version of that item, but none of its properties, including MR, SP and Stats bonuses, should it have them. Since the items are not directly linked in any way, there's no fixed rules for similarity.
  • Many Unidentified items have a value of 1 gold, but some of them have a set value, which might or might not be connected with the value of the Identified counterpart.

Unidentified items can be Identified by the following means:

When you identify an item, the Unidentified version is removed from your inventory and you get the Identified one.

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