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The City of Tryndmoor

Situated on the northwest flank of Barrow Loch, surrounded by a vast expanse of bleak moorland, the city of Tryndmoor has long served as an important waypoint for traffic bound for destinations south along the River Trynd. Indeed, Tryndmoor is the last stop for any southbound river vessel before braving the murky and historically dangerous waters of Barrow Loch.

Locations Edit

The Harbour Area Edit

Gryphook's Edit

Gryphook's sells unmatched non-magical weapons and armor. It's also the best place to sell your loot that's worth over 1500 gold.

 Terror in Greenmarsh (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Gryphook's shop in Tryndmoor
Description: All is not well in the remote moorland village of Greenmarsh...
Requirements: Speak to Tyrlonia Gryphook in his shop at the harbour area.
Difficulty: Required battles range from 3+ to 13+ at MR 60.

Teagurn The Seer Edit

 The Dragon Statue (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: The house of Teagurn the Seer, in the harbour area of Tryndmoor
Description: Explore what lies beneath the hatch in the back room of the Loch Leap alehouse, and search for the silver dragon statue shown you by Teagurn the Seer.
Requirements: Across a Crowded Room
Difficulty: Varies. MR 80 is probably sufficient, less if you have the Creyn Blade.

Loch Leap Alehouse Edit

 Across a Crowded Room (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Loch Leap alehouse in Tryndmoor
Description: When the inebriated, braggart of a merchant rises unsteadily to his feet and staggers comically towards the alehouse door, your expert eyes are immediately drawn to the leather pouch dangling from his belt...
Requirements: Must have the Thievery skill.
Difficulty: One easy Thievery skill challenge

Other Locations Edit

This is an incomplete list of locations known to exist in and around Tryndmoor, which you may hear about or visit during quests:

  • Waymark's Tavern

Historic Note Edit

In the past there was another location:

  • Tangrott the Sage (not yet playable)

However at some point it was removed. Nothing is known about it except the name.

Adventures for This Location Edit

 The Man in the Leather Hat (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Tryndmoor
Description: You spot a tall, lanky man with a wide-brimmed leather hat, who forces you into a nearby alley...
Requirements: none
Difficulty: Impossible for most adventurers, but do it anyway

Note: Listed in Adventure Log as "A Puzzling Note/Green Door".
 Dusk in Tryndmoor (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Tryndmoor
Description: A clattering coin on the cobbled walk ahead...and the sound of single step from behind...
Requirements: Completed The Hunt for the Phantom Assassin, and picked up the mysterious note in Trithik
Difficulty: No combat difficulty, best path has just some checks. Thievery and some powers do help, but are not required.

 An Arrival (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Tryndmoor
Description: Late one afternoon, on an empty stretch of road south of Tryndmoor...
Requirements: Quest:Proving Grounds VI - The Alder Throne
Difficulty: Foe is 9+ to hit at MR 175/150

Nearby Locations Edit

Meglasmire Edit

Main article: Meglasmire

Silverwysp Edit

Main article: Silverwysp

Crow Hill Edit

Main article: Crow Hill

The village of Greenmarsh Edit

Only available during Terror in Greenmarsh

Main article: Greenmarsh

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