Timers prevent your character from doing (or repeating) some actions for a certain amount of time. Many actions in Sryth are governed by timers, for example Travel on foot, consecutive rounds at multiplayer scenarios and several grinding options.

All timers measure time in "real-world" seconds, regardless of time spent playing or offline, number of actions taken, etc.

Kinds of timers Edit

There are several kinds of timers in Sryth

  • Character timers: They are assigned to your character. They won't affect anybody else.
    • Session timers: They only affect one gaming session (like most grinding scenarios). If you trigger one of these and then you quit without saving, the timer is reset. However, if you save your game with one of these timers active, the timer will run as normal, including your offline time.
    • Absolute timers: Once they're triggered, you cannot escape them. They will keep active even if you log off or are killed. The FoD timer is a prime example.
    • Keep in mind that character timers are not linked to your character's actions in any way: you can even "wait out" a timer between two rounds of the same combat (provided you're not forcibly logged out of the server). This can be (ab)used to increase your theoretical maximum BOG, FoD, WoD or Quickstone allowed uses in the same combat.
  • Server timers: They will affect all players (and server events) at once. Examples: Multiplayer scenarios "countdown", and the daily server reset.

Daily server reset Edit

Once a day, a special global timer is reset.

The daily server reset affects:

  • All timers measured in "days left", like the availability of Tallys Limited Time Items or Tarlaro's elixirs.
  • Most of the Seasonal scenarios end at server reset.
  • Most of the Game Updates become active after server reset.
  • CHR
  • Quests like Rhaknar's Mad, which allow a certain amount of progress per day.
  • Quickstone heals, Residence upgrades and other things that can be applied a certain number of times per day.
  • Idle users are disconnected from the server. This may vary between free and AG accounts.

The Sryth server resets approximately at 9 PM US Pacific Time (or 12 Midnight Eastern US time, or 05:00 UTC-{{ #NewWindowLink: | GMT }}, since {{ #NewWindowLink: | PST }} is GMT - 8). More info about timezones on: UTC article on Wikipedia (almost too detailed). Also there is a Sryth Forum thread on server time that has a couple links that you may find helpful {{ #NewWindowLink: | located here }}.

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