Thymbrak is an adventurer you can find in the Goblinclaw Inn, and will be the guideline for several quests (see Dreadstone for them). He is only available there through the early stages of the Dreadstone Saga, so if you want to trade with him (see below), do it ASAP.

He's supposed to be a formidable adventurer, and lets you look at some of his items, which you can't aquire:

 Item 1432: The Blade Of Balance (Magical) Weapon, Slashing 

Encumbrance: 4
Melee Rating: +40
Stamina Points: +5
Spirit: +3
Requires 90 Weaponry
Requires 90 Weaponry: Slashing
Requires 15 Spirit
Requires 20 Might
Requires 20 Body
This legendary sword is currently owned and wielded (with an extraordinary degree of skill) by the renowned adventurer, Thymbrak.
This weapon is of magical quality.
 Item 1433: Thrice-Enchanted Chain Shirt (Magical) Armour, Torso 

Encumbrance: 6
Melee Rating: +10
Stamina Points: +24
Spirit: +1
Requires 70 Weaponry.
Requires 70 Lore.
Requires 20 Might.
Requires 20 Body.
Three powerful enchantments were long ago bestowed upon this magnificent chain shirt. It is believed that the wearer of this piece of armour is immune to the effects of a dragon's breath and all magical fire.
 Item 1434: Rotting King's Bone Bracers (Magical) Armour, Hands 

Encumbrance: 1
Melee Rating: +10
Stamina Points: +16
Aura: +4
Spirit: +2
This pair of enchanted bone bracers were taken off the decimated corpse of a wicked undead lord known as 'The Rotting King'.

If you allow Thymbrak to see your things while you're carrying

Spoiler Information
The Demonscourge, he'll offer you 20,000 gold for it.

If you refuse to sell, he will raise his offer to 25,000 gold and 8 Adventurer Tokens

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