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The Withered Hills

The area known as 'The Withered Hills' is a broad expanse of wooded slopes, dominated by a steep, rocky rise at its centre that's covered with ancient, petrified trees. Legends say that a battle, long ago, between a powerful dragon and a master mage resulted in the petrification of the hardwood forest that once covered the hill. The trees that dot the surrounding hills are all stunted, and many of them have withered long before their time.

Adventures Edit

 The Shattered Skull - Part II - Spikefist the Mighty (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: The Withered Hills near Trithik
Description: In a broad hollow near the base of the steep, rocky slope that dominates the centre of the Withered Hills, you come upon that which you came here seeking...
Requirements: The Shattered Skull - Part I - Hurenon
Saga: The Shattered Skull
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 86 and Powers/Skills from 30-60 recommended

Note: This quest offers a chance to acquire an unique item
 Cave of Four Spirits (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: The Withered Hills in Western Tysa.
Description: You hear about a medallion in a remote cave, guarded by four fearsome ghosts...
Requirements: The Shattered Skull - Part V - The Ghosts of Palemoor Isle, and speaking with a mysterious NPC about a certain item.
Difficulty: Recommended MR 110+

Note: This quest need several days to complete.

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