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The Silver Shaft Inn

The old, but well-kept inn known as the Silver Shaft is one of the few decent places sought out by travelers who trek along the road that runs between Trithik and Mirgspil -- an ancient highway that roughly traces the course of the River Trynd.

This location was first introduced on 4/11/2012 along with A Rattle Down Below. While the introductory adventure is AG only the location is open to all players.

Locations Edit

Approach one of the servers Edit

  • Ask for palo, nothing extraordinary except that the palo is free.
  • Ask for ale (1 gold token required), which is one of the inn's specialties - a very nice ale.
  • Ask for the "spiced" stew, the serving man/girl apologizes to you as they are out of the famous "spiced" stew

Speak with Patch Edit

You will converse with the Inn's proprietor.

Examine an interesting painting Edit

When you first enter the inn the text indicates an interesting painting then afterwards the painting of Dreadmask.

 An Interesting Painting in the Silver Shaft Inn (AG) Informal Adventure
Location: The Silver Shaft Inn
Description: While looking at an interesting painting something strange happens...
Requirements: A Melee Rating of 200+
Saga: The Dreadmask Saga
Difficulty: 9+ at 210 MR
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: If you attempt this adventure with an MR below 200 Dreadmask will tell you that you are not strong enough and the adventure temporarily ends for you. You can access it once you have a MR of 200 plus.

Adventures for This Location Edit

 A Rattle Down Below (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Silver Shaft Inn
Description: Something is rattling in the cellar of Silver Shaft...
Requirements: The Caves of Westwold

Note: This quest has the option to run it normal or scaled.

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