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The Ruins of Stonegap

Destroyed during a goblin raid nearly two centuries ago, the town of Stonegap has never been rebuilt. The long-deserted settlement, situated on the eastern shore of Lake Ebbrek, was once home to small but powerful conclave of wizards known as the Gate Wardens.

Only heaps of rubble and debris, scattered amidst the foliage of the encroaching forest, remain to mark where Stonegap's buildings once stood.

Adventures for This Location Edit

 Leaving Stonegap (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Your journey takes you from Northeast Tysa, through Lake Ebbrek to The Ruins of Stonegap
Description: It's early afternoon and you're on your way out of Stonegap...
Requirements: Proving Grounds I - Raid on Quaris-Taen
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 203.

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