The Ruined Temple of Yir-Tanon Replayable Scenario
Location: Your journey takes you from Central Tysa, through Tanonwood to The Ruins of Yir-Tanon
Description: Everywhere you look you discover what appears to be evidence of recent habitation of the temple by tzaril.
Reset time: 1 hour
Requirements: None
Difficulty: Scaled

This main rewards of this scenario are:

Leaving this scenario will cause it to reset.
Note: Free accounts can only enter the temple once.

General InformationEdit

The ruins of the ancient temple of Yir-Tanon lie in the midst of the forest of Tanonwood, south and east of the city of Talinus, in Central Tysa.

Built over a thousand years ago in honour of Srythak, the All-Father, the temple was long ago abandoned by his followers and has fallen into decay and ruin.

From time to time various groups of undesirable creatures, most notably goblins, ogres, and even tzaril have inhabited the temple ruins.


Map The Ruins of Yir-Tanon
Map Legend
  • 1.Forest Clearing:SAFE location
  • 2.Court Yard
  • 3.Main Hall
  • 4.North Arch
  • 5.South Arch
  • 6.Moon Arch
  • 7.Star Arch
  • 8.Sun Arch
  • 9.Stone Corridor
  • 10.Stone Corridor
  • 11.Stone Corridor
  • 12.Torchlit Chamber

Yir-Tanon Adventure Edit

The Ruins of Yir-Tanon is a special combat-intensive adventure that can be replayed as many times as the player wants. After its successful completion there's an 60 minute reset period before it can be attempted again. It is a scaled scenario, in order to provide (almost) the same challenge to adventurers of all skill levels.

Free accounts can fight only once here. After that, when the timer resets, this entire scenario becomes AG only. That is why it is strongly advised for free accounts to enter the temple only when they are strong enough to finish it.

Historical notes Edit

  • (26 June 2008): Initially the reset time was 30 minutes, but some changes were made recently, increasing the time from 30 minutes to 60, to 120, and finally to 180 minutes. After the latest changes the reset time was reduced back to 60 minutes. However, there's now a three-letter code that is collected while exploring the temple, and that code is needed to receive the final experience reward.
  • (13 February 2009) This code is meant to be removed, as stated by the GM in Questions for the GM

Opponents Edit

  • The area outside the temple's gates is SAFE, and allows for some much-needed rest.
  • In the courtyard there's a group of 2 Tzaril (9+ Scaled, ?? SP, 2+ XP).
  • In the main hall there's a group of 3 Tzaril (11+ Scaled, 55 SP, 2+ XP). This is where you'll get the first letter from the code
  • Through the North arch you have to fight and win four consecutive fights, each one against a single (and rather weak) Tzaril (11+ Scaled, 40 SP, 1+ XP). If you flee before the last fight and come back later you'll have to fight four battles, regardless of how many fights you won previously. Here there's a lever you need to pull.
  • Through the South arch you'll face a One-Eyed Tzaril (11+ Scaled, 120 SP, 8+ XP), a pretty hard fight. Defeat him to get to the second lever.
  • Through the Moon arch you have to defeat 3 Tzaril (11+ Scaled, 55 SP, 2+ XP). Immediately after that you have to fight another 2 Tzaril (11+ Scaled, ?? SP, 2+ XP), can't FLEE. Immediately after this fight is a third battle, against a single Tzaril (11+ Scaled, 40 SP, 1+ XP), can't FLEE. Here you'll find a stone dial you have to turn. Note: In the past if you fled before the last fight and came back later you had to start from the beginning, regardless of your previous success - first the group of 3, then the group of 2, and then the single Tzaril. Currently you can flee only from the group of 3 Tzaril.
  • Through the Star arch you will face a single Tzaril (11+ Scaled, 50 SP, 1+ XP). Defeat him to get to the second stone dial.
  • Through the Sun arch you will face a group of 4 Tzaril (9+ Scaled, 60 SP, 5+ XP). There's a door here, which opens only after you have turned both dials and pulled both levers. This is where you get the second part of the code.
  • Through the iron doors to the east is a long corridor. To get to the end of it you'll have to defeat 3 separate Armoured Tzaril Guardian (11+ Scaled, 50 SP, 1+ XP).
  • The torch-lit chamber is where the final (and most difficult fights) take place. First you have to defeat a group of 2 Armoured Tzaril Guardians (11+ Scaled, 75 SP, 4+ XP), then you'll face 4 Skeletal Warriors (11+ Scaled, above 85 SP, 4+ XP), can't FLEE, 7+ with Trielra's Staff raised by the Tzaril Leader, then a group of 4 Armoured Tzaril Guardians (11+ Scaled, ?? SP, 6+ XP), can't FLEE, then the last Armoured Tzaril Guardian (11+ Scaled, 160 SP, 5+ XP), can't FLEE, and finally the Tzaril Leader (11+ Scaled, 150 SP, 11+ XP), has a nasty special attack that can cause over 30 points of damage, can resist some powers. You can flee only from the 2 Armoured Tzaril Guardians and the Tzaril Leader; during the other three battles fleeing is not an option. If you do flee, when you come back you'll have to face only the enemies you did not previously kill.

Rewards Edit

After defeating the boss you will find a number of items and/or small piles of gold. You can take whichever you desire (as long as you can carry them). This is also where you will find the third and final letter for the code.

If you select the wrong code 3 times in a row the scenario ends without giving you the final experience reward!

The experience reward is selected at the start of the scenario, so saving your game just before the final room (while still a good idea in case you get killed) will not help you get a better reward.

The possible rewards are:

General exp Specific exp
64 8
96 16
128 32
192 48
768 128

At first the best reward was 1024 to general and 256 to all skills and powers, but that was later changed.

To get the experience reward you must select the correct three-letter code (the one you collected) from the offered list. This code is meant to be removed, as stated by the GM in Questions for the GM of January 2009.

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