River Guild Emporiums are shops located in Mirgspil, Trithik, Tryndmoor, and Graldok, prizes for buying and selling there change daily. A River Guild Medallion is required for access, they're available at the River Guild Office in Mirgspil for 3,000 gold.

The best possible rate for selling items there is 80% of item values, up to 1800 gold. The lowest maximum amount they pay on a given day is 1,000 gold and an offer of 70% is quite common. The weapon and armour rates are independent of each other, which means that the best offers for each type are usually located in different cities.

Players who are determined to get as much for their items as possible will often have to store them in a Dwelling until an offer they're happy with appears in one of the cities.

It is likely possible to get a good deal on mundane items there as well, but comparisons between them and regular shop inventories have not been made.

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