No one knows the true identity of this curious, wandering merchant, but the Painted Peddler has, for the better part of the last generation, been traveling throughout the North Broadlands , setting up camp (and shop) at whatever spot strikes his fancy.

He never remains in one place for very long.

The peddler has earned his moniker due to the fact that his face (currently colored a shade of green and yellow) is always painted, usually in some motif representative of the wild places of the world.

The Painted Peddler is by no means a young man. A flowing, white beard hangs to just below his waist, and a full, tangled mane of white hair drapes down from his large head and splashes over his shoulders.

From time to time, the peddler sells special items that he's either found during his travels, or purchased from adventurers.

The peddler travels throughout the realms on a painted, glowing wagon, drawn by a pair of what he calls 'invisible horses'. Many believe that the wagon propels itself via magic and that there are no horses involved in effecting its movement—invisible or otherwise.

Finding the Painted PeddlerEdit

Look in the Available Events/Scenarios section of the Adventure Finder and an entry like the following will appear. He may appear in a location other than Foxfell Forest - the entry here is just to illustrate an example.

  • The Painted Peddler
    • Last spotted near Foxfell Forest...

What to Do HereEdit

Once you manage to enter the Painted Peddler's camp, there are three options:

  • Ask about his glowing wagon. Nothing happens except a semi-interesting story about how he acquired his invisible "horses".
  • Ask to view the peddler's wares. His wares are nothing out of the ordinary, just mundane armor and weapons you can get for cheaper in other places. He also purchases items.
  • Ask the peddler if he has anything special for sale. Note the bold type, as this is the most important option in which you can get one of the most powerful rings in the whole game for a bargain. After buying the ring, if you select this option again, nothing of interest happens. See Varkyn's Ring Of Motley Wonder for more details.

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