The Lords of Ogredom Replayable Scenario
Location: Zumryn's Battlegrounds
Description: Test your mettle against increasingly stronger ogres
Reset time: 3 hours
Requirements: Access to the Battlegrounds
Difficulty: Starts easy, the upper limit hasn't been found yet.

This main rewards of this scenario are:

Leaving this scenario will cause it to reset.

General InformationEdit

This challenge has a little more variety than The Bone Horde Challenge. Most opponents here are ogres, with some undead possible.

See Battlegrounds Challenges for information, key concepts, tips & rewards common to all Challenges.

Game Information Edit

  • Type: Combat
  • Object: Earn a spot on the leaderboard for this challenge by winning as many consecutive combats as you can.
  • Standard Victory: Defeat a single ogre in combat.

Prerequisites Edit

Specific InformationEdit

The following information is specific to this challenge, and differs from the "common" information accordingly:

  • Foes' Difficulty Progression:
    • Stamina Points for Standard ogres start at 75 and increases according to levels, EXCEPT the special enemies you fight every fifth level (see Ogre Lords' Stats) ...
      • Levels 1-29: Starts at 75 and increases by +5 (level 1 is 75, level 2 is 80, etc.)
      • Levels 31-??: Starts at 255 and increases by +6
    • Level 1 is 9+ at MR 75, and increases by +3 each round, but jumps by +6 when it is an Ogre Lord (see the table in Talk).
    • More frequent and damaging Specials.
    • They have a chance (before combat) of summoning a Rock of varying size, you can use a Power 40-70 to avoid. The higher the required Power level to defend against, the more damaging the Rock and the higher the experience reward
  • Every 5th level has 3 combats (2 weak guardians, 1 level-increase-appropriate leader with more Stamina than the regular enemy on the next level). You are allowed to flee from the boss, but NOT from the Ogre Guardians. If you flee from the boss and then attack again you'll have to face two more Ogre Guardians before the boss
  • Level Skip --
    • requires navigation through a winding tunnel. At random you will encounter (one at a time) Skeletal Ogre (9+ at MR 100 Exact, ?? SP), special can do 5-13 damage, you have to attack 2 times before you can flee, sometimes you have to fight for two rounds before you can flee (may be random, or related to having fled before); If you FLEE you go back to the starting point, no matter where you were!. If you're lucky enough you may get out without a single fight!
    • bypass 2-6 levels (combats AND rewards, if any), but see Talk
    • grants an additional general experience reward. So far the following rewards are known: 64, 96, 128 general experience
  • Additional Random Encounters. The Lords of Ogredom has the "Standard" random encounters (see here), in addition to the following:
    • The spirit of a mysterious ogre tells you of a location you should find
    • The same spirit changes the item you retrieve from that location
    • Gollbrum, fight him for a special item (and experience)

Ogre Lords' Stats Edit

LevelTested at MROgre LordGuardian 1Guardian 2
NameTo HitSPTo HitSPTo HitSP
20135Irth the Unbroken9+1949+@951409+@95160
25150Zurogun Griffonslayer9+2259+@1001509+@100175
30165Togg Bloodmark9+3293+1603+190
35180Warhand the Savage9+3733+1703+205
45210Dythmerim the Destroyer9+5153+1903+235
50225Balgorom Stonelord9+5653+200E3+250
55240Kendarugol Dreadspear9+615E210E265E
60255EBluefang The Invincible9+665E220E280E
65270EDru-Mir of Redleaf9+715E230E295E
70285EUkkrid the Defiant9+765E240E310E
75300EAgrazbor Bonegrinder9+815E250E325E
80315Nendrukk of Golmore9+865260E340E


  1. The E after the numbers means it's an "estimate" that has not been confirmed yet.
  2. The Ogre Lords' & Guardians' "to hit" values were tested at the MR values in the "Tested at MR" column. If a value is omitted it is because of uncertainty. If you want to help, but the table code is off-putting, see Talk
  3. Please see Talk for the derivation and testing of 9+ MR values of the Ogre Lords.
  4. The named Ogre Lords with guards apparently stop at level 80; level 85 has a single unnamed ogre who is 9+@327 to hit.


  • See Key Concepts on the Challenges page for tips common to all Challenges.
  • The Level Skip for this challenge is not as disadvantageous as it is in The Bone Horde Challenge
  • If you Travel to a certain location, be sure you've got plenty of space in your inventory!

Special Encounters Edit

See The Bowl of Blood.

Rewards (incomplete)Edit

  • See Rewards on the Challenges page for rewards common to all Challenges.
  • For successfully using a power to avoid a rock:
    • 4 XP for 40+ power needed
    • 8 XP for 50+ or 55+ power needed
    • 16 XP for 60+ or 65+ power needed
    • 24 XP for 70+ power needed
  • Every 5th Level Attained:
    • 24, 32, 48, or 64 general experience
    • Significantly increased combat experience for the 3rd ogre in the level (up to 129 attested).
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