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The Longspur Downs

This hilly region of southern Tysa gets its name due to its location -- directly east of the tip of the northern spur of mountains that frame nearby Thanevale.

Although this area is no longer home to large numbers of goblins, as it was in centuries past, it remains a largely desolate stretch of wooded slopes that more than likely contain their fair share of undesirable denizens.

 The Crimson-Helmed Rider Replayable Scenario
Location: Your journey takes you from Southern Tysa directly to The Longspur Downs
Description: You are left with no doubt that the mighty warrior drawing up to you on the back of his skeletal steed is none other than the Crimson-Helmed Rider!
Reset time: Once per server day
Requirements: None
Difficulty: Up to 9+ at MR 155, partly scaled

This main rewards of this scenario are:

Leaving this scenario will cause it to reset.
Note: You will get credit for accessing this scenario even if you are killed.

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