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The Ironshore Hollows

The Ironshore Hollows, situated on the southwestern edge of Lake Ironrain, derives its name from the three broad, natural harbours that have long sustained the region's inhabitants with a vibrant fishing industry.

Each of the hollows is home to small, but thriving villages, inhabited by the fishermen who are happy to make their living on the frigid waters of the vast lake.

Adventures for This Location Edit

 7 Goblins - Part I - The Hills North and West Formal Adventure?
Location: The Ironshore Hollows region of Lake Ironrain.
Description: The horrifying events that unfolded in the hills north and west of Tillwall, the northernmost of the three thriving fishing villages situated in the area known as the Ironshore Hollows, will forever be among your most haunting memories...
Requirements: The Caves of Westwold
Saga: 7 Goblins
Difficulty: Hardest enemy 9+ at MR 60, Powers and Skills checks from 40+ to 60+.

The Kingdom of Tysa
Northwest Tysa

The Stonelands

Northern Tysa


Northeast Tysa


Western Tysa

The Edgelands

Central Tysa

The Middle Kingdom

Eastern Tysa


Southwest Tysa


Southern Tysa

The Thanelands

Southeast Tysa


Saarngard Isle Iron Crown Isle

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