The Graveyard at Axepath Cemetery Replayable Scenario
Location: Your journey takes you from Southwest Tysa, through The Hart Hills, Hawklor, to Axepath Cemetery
Description: The horrors that await you on the cursed ground of Axepath are beyond imagination!
Reset time: 1 hour
Requirements: None
Difficulty: Scaled. Suggested SP 80+.

This main rewards of this scenario are:

Leaving this scenario will cause it to reset.
Note: the reset timer starts as soon as you enter, and restarts when you defeat Lord Creyn. Free accounts can enter the cemetery only once.

Opponents Edit

Axepath Cemetery
In each location, you'll have to fight one or more skeletons. Many of the battles are to the death - you are not allowed to flee. Except where noted, only the first battle in each location allows you to flee. You can travel to the gates (SAFE location) after each area to rest, if you want. Weapons against undead may lower the observed combat to-hit values to 7+ or 8+.
AreaQtyUndead FoeTo-HitSPXPCan Flee?
1st Area: Black-Skinned Trees 1Fanged Skeleton 1Yes
1Fanged Skeleton 1No
1Fanged Skeleton 1No
2nd Area: Towering Monument 1Winged Skeleton 1Yes
1Winged Skeleton 1No
3Fanged Skeletons 1No
3rd Area: Grove 1Staggering Skeleton 1Yes
1Staggering Skeleton 1No
1Staggering Skeleton 1No
1Staggering Skeleton 1No
1Staggering Skeleton 1No
1Staggering Skeleton 1No
1Staggering Skeleton 1No
Tomb Entrance 1Caped Skeleton12+754Yes
Inside Tomb 3Fanged Skeletons11+301Yes
3Fanged Skeletons11+251No
Descend the Stairs 1Cloaked Skeleton11+351Yes
Corridor 1Fanged Skeleton11+351-2No
1Fanged Skeleton11+35?1-2No
1Fanged Skeleton11+602No
1Fanged Skeleton11+602-3No
1Fanged Skeleton11+752-3No
Stone Arch Disarm the trap Random check (1-100 + Luck * 0.5 + Agility * 1 + Thievery * 1). 54 is a win. Historical note: The trap used to require 100 to pass. (Recently this trap has been passed with at least a 63)
When you pass through the arch, the exit is blocked by magic, so you cannot flee from any remaining battles. This is your last chance to SAVE.
Sarcophagus 2Fanged Skeletons9+356+No
1Fanged Skeleton11+~306+No
3Winged Skeletons9+356+No
1Cloaked Skeleton11+306+No
2Fanged Skeletons9+306+No
1Hooded Skeleton11+1056+No
4Fanged Skeletons9+~386+No
Lord Jurth Creyn (11+, 185 SP, 27-30 combat XP) - he is resistant to magic and has a special attack (although it's not very powerful).No

If you know the 'word of destruction' and speak it before fighting him, Creyn is significantly weakened: Lord Jurth Creyn (9+ Scaled, 100 SP, 26-32 XP), can't FLEE.

The Hall of Seven GhoulsEdit

Each time you defeat Jurth Creyn, he will offer you the opportunity to enter The Hall of Seven Ghouls. It is NOT scaled, so be careful! If you die, you will lose all your rewards.

 The Hall of Seven Ghouls Replayable Scenario
Location: Your journey takes you from Southwest Tysa, through The Hart Hills, Hawklor, to Axepath Cemetery
Description: "Does the defiler of my crypt have the courage to attempt the Hall of Seven Ghouls? There is no turning back..."
Reset time: 1 hour
Requirements: Available whenever you complete The Graveyard at Axepath Cemetery.
Difficulty: Up to 9+ at MR 125

This main rewards of this scenario are:

Leaving this scenario will cause it to reset.
Note: This is an optional extension of the replayable content at Axepath Cemetery. Beware! You can't flee, and will lose your Axepath rewards if you die.


  • 4 XP to Thievery when you successfully disarm the trap blocking your way. (You get no XP and lose some SP for failing.)
  • In the sarcophagus you'll find a random amount of gold between 150 and 300 gold pieces.
  • Once you've searched the sarcophagus you'll find several items (and a small amount of gold) that you may take if you wish.
  • When receiving your experience reward, you have a chance to obtain a Battle Marker.
  • The experience reward is selected at the start of the scenario. The possible rewards are:
General expSpecific expFrequency

The Creyn BladeEdit

The first time you find at least 250 gold in the sarcophagus, you'll also find a magical weapon there:

 Item 1117: The Creyn Blade (Magical) Value: 35,500 gold Weapon, Slashing 

Encumbrance: 4
Melee Rating: +12, and +10 extra vs. Undead
This black-bladed longsword was once wielded by the infamous warrior and tyrant, Lord Jurth Creyn. The sword provides an added melee rating bonus vs. undead foes. This weapon is of magical quality.

This is the second best freely available weapon to use when fighting in Axepath Cemetery (after Trielra's Staff, see below), and against any undead scaled enemy. It's the best weapon in all the game for non-AG players, so you should try to get it.

Although the Rotbane Sword is slightly better against undead, it costs 72 AT and is only available to AG players.

Acquiring the Creyn Blade is rather difficult, since the probability of finding more than 250 gold is very low. To increase your possibilities, it's recommended that you Save your game just before entering the final stage, and keep Quitting without saving and trying the final stage again until you get it.

Another option for AG-players is Trielra's Staff, but involves a long saga, part of which is high level.

The Overgrown Hill (AG)Edit

A new location that was added on 6th May 2009 and is available only to AG members. After defeating the lone Caped Skeleton at the tomb entrance in addition to the options of entering the tomb and going back you will see the option of investigating an opening in a nearby hill. As you investigate you will eventually reach a chamber with an undead cadaver inside. You can flee and come back later, or stay and fight it.

If you choose to fight you will first have to pass a Random check (1-100 + Spirit * 1). 50 or more needed to pass


  • If you are using a weapon with a bonus against undead like the Creyn Blade or the enhanced Tzal-Toalth:
    • If you pass the check the opponent is 11+ to hit
    • If you fail it is 12+ to hit
  • If you are using a weapon without a bonus against undead:
    • If you pass the check - 12+ to hit
    • If you fail - 13+ to hit
  • Curiously, the Rotbane Sword does not affect the undead's MR.
  • No matter if you pass the check or not, the Rag-Clad Corpse has 150 SP.

After defeating the Rag-Clad Corpse you search the room and find the following:

  • Some items, most of them of high quality (and most likely some gold)
  • Three chests, full of gold. The amount of gold inside varies and seems to be as follows:
    • First chest - 789-1135 (attested limit values)
    • Second chest - 1000-1500
    • Third chest - 3000-3500

The final experience reward for defeating this undead menace is 1024 General experience and 256 to All Skills and Powers

This is a one-time event. You can visit the location even after defeating the undead, but there's nothing more to do.

A Skull-Shaped Grave Marker (AG) Edit

Added November 17, 2011.

After defeating the seven Staggering Skeletons, you may see a skull-shaped grave marker through the trees. If you investigate, you will find yourself in a tomb with a map.

Map Axepath Cemetery A Skull-Shaped Grave Marker
E - Entrance
1 - Iron Door
2 - Calling voice, ghoul army.
3 - White Stone Block

Head down the long passageway until you reach a fork that goes off to the west. There's an iron door there, but no way to open it. Once you've defeated the 5 wandering Cloaked Ghouls (11+ Scaled, 75 or 80 SP, ~16, ~24, or ~32 XP), 7+ with Creyn Blade it will open for you.

Beyond the door, someone calls out to you. You have the opportunity to use Divination (30+) to find out more (no XP). If you identify yourself, you will face seven foes, randomly generated among Ghoul Swordsmen, Ghoul Axemen, and Ghoul Warriors, from 8+ to 11+, with varying SP and combat XP rewards (also random, but something like 60-70SP and 18-60XP observed). You will receive some general XP for defeating them all (amounts of 16, 24 and 32 observed).

At the end of the hall is a white stone block. If you examine it, you will see a 'word of destruction' (randomly generated, but you don't have to remember it). To understand the word and its use, you need to have 50+ on either Lore or Arcana

Once you have the 'word of destruction' you can continue your Axepath run as normal. When it's time to use it, you will know. The word's effect is to reduce Lord Creyn's difficulty (to-hit reduced from 11+ to 9+ and SP reduced from ~185 to 100)

A Laurel Thicket (AG)Edit

Main article: Quest:The Last Trek Out

The Stony Path (AG)Edit

Main article: Quest:The Last Trek Out


  • Initially, the replayable scenarios had a random roll at the end which determined the XP received. Players soon learned to save before rolling and keep rolling until they got good rewards, which prompted the GM to change it to the current setup: XP Roll hidden from view and fixed from the start of the scenario. The XP roll was up at least until December 2007
  • 26 June 2008: Initially the reset time was 30 minutes, but some changes were made recently, increasing the time from 30 to 60 to 120 and finally to the current 180 minutes. Also the reward for disarming the trap was initially 8 instead of the current 4.
  • 12 Sep 2008: The reset time is now of 60 minutes, and has been so for some time.
  • At first the best reward was 1024 to general and 256 to all skills and powers, but that was later changed.

Free Accounts Edit

Free accounts can only fight here once. After that, when the timer resets, this entire scenario becomes AG only. It is strongly advised for free accounts to enter the cemetery only when they are strong enough and get the Creyn Blade on their first go.

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