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The Dragonhill Fields

This large expanse of fields (nestled between some rather rugged terrain referred to as the Dragonhills) has long been home to the tournament of arms known as The Festival of Blades.

The first Festival of Blades took place here. There are statues of the winners in the yew garden.

Adventures Edit

 Solundor's Grand Ring of Illusion Informal Adventure

Location: The Dragonhill Fields near Trithik
Description: Solundor's Grand Ring of Illusion is a 20-stage tournament where the competitors attempt to overcome the illusions created by the famous master illusionist.
Requirements: From the 3rd stage onwards it requires AG membership.
Difficulty: From 9+ at MR 60 up to 9+ with MR 105, including optional battles up to 9+ at MR 150.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

 A Favour for Solundor (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: The Dragonhill Fields outside Trithik.
Description: While speaking with Solundor you can't help but notice that something seems to be bothering the master illusionist...
Requirements: This adventure is unlocked if you visit Solundor after you complete at least 3 rounds of the Tournament.
Difficulty: No combats, just checks

Note: Short quest (<1 minute). If you complete Solundor's Grand Ring of Illusion without triggering this adventure, you won't be able to access it anymore.

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