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Tarkhald Crypt

You stand in the midst of the tangled forest east of Durnsig, before the heavy, moss-covered stone door that has long sealed the tomb of the infamous Lord Tarkhald.

To discover the location of the crypt visit Irzynn a second time in his cottage in Durnsig. The crypt entrance is a place where you can rest to recover both Stamina and Nevernal Reserve, but NOT save.

Adventures Edit

 Lord Tarkhald (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Tarkhald Crypt
Description: Defeat the undead lord of the crypt
Requirements: Must have knowledge of the location of Tarkhald Crypt
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 75

This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
 Rescue in Tarkhald Crypt (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Tarkhald Crypt
Description: A young couple has gotten lost in the crypt...
Requirements: Lord Tarkhald
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 75

Mechanics Edit

You can explore as many times as you like. The deeper you go, the more probable it is to find an enemy or an interesting encounter. You can exit safely from wherever you are, after a random roll.

The crypt has 5 levels of deepness, from "Just a little way" to "Dangerously Deep". To pass from one level to the next, you must "explore" a certain number of times. You can't go deeper than Dangerously Deep, no matter how many times you explore.

The levels of deepness and how many explorations you need to pass from one to the next are:

Deepness Explorations to reach from previous level Total Explorations to reach from start
Just a little way 0 0
Quite a way 10 10
Deep 15 25
Very Deep 20 45
Dangerously Deep 25 70

In order to leave, you need to pass a Random check (1-100 + Thievery * 0.25 + Mind * 0.50 + Spirit * 0.50 + Luck * 0.25). 46 is a win (although there is no difficulty listed, so perhaps the depth of exploration affects the check target). If you fail, you become lost and cannot attempt another departure until you "regain your bearings," which is done by using the exploration option. Two explorations moves you from "hopelessly lost" to "quite lost," two more improves your status to "somewhat lost," and six non-fatal explorations allows you to make another attempt to leave.

You can find the following enemies (all 3+ at MR 68)

  • Witherer
  • 1-5 (Decaying/Helmed//RottingSnarling/Staggering) Ghouls
  • 1-2 Greater Ghouls
  • 1-5 (Caped/Clattering/Creeping/Glowing/Hissing/Staggering) Skeletons
  • 1-3 Blackbone Skeletons

Special encounters and places of interest Edit

Most of the time anyone brave enough to explore the crypt will encounter various undead creatures (or nothing, at times). However the deeper you go the higher the chances of finding something special. Possible encounters:

The Heavy Stone Door Edit

Main article: Quest:Lord Tarkhald

The Shimmering Mirror Edit

Main article: Quest:The Missing Hilt

Notes Edit

When this dungeon first appeared, you needed to wait when exploring, and Thievery reduced the time each exploration attempt took. Initially was 8 seconds, but with level 70+ Thievery was reduced to 2 seconds.

Also, leaving the crypt was a bit problematic. If you failed to find the way out you'd be hopelessly lost and you'd need to explore further into the crypt six times before you can try leaving again. The deeper you got the more difficult it was to leave.

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