Summary Edit

  • This raffle occurred when Solundor's Ring of Illusion was first coming out.
  • First Announced on Friday, September 7, 2007
  • Each silver ticket for the raffle cost 1 AT.
  • The prize drawing took place on Monday, September 10, 2007

Announcements Edit

First announced on **Sept 7, 2007** (on the News & Announcements page?):

Raffle at the Dragonhill Fields

Raffle at the Dragonhill Fields

Tallys, the famous proprietor of Tallys's Trading Post, is holding a special raffle at the Dragonhill Fields. Tallys has decided to offer the absolutely unique, one-of-a-kind, Ring of Bone as the grand prize for the raffle.

Each silver ticket for the raffle (made out of real silver -- Tallys spares not expense) costs just 1 Adventurer Token.

To enter the raffle, or to find out more about it (you can view the Ring Of Bone), please visit the Dragonhill Fields outside of Trithik.

This special event is available exclusively to Aventurers Guild subscribers.

Winners Edit

The prize was awarded on **Sept 10, 2007**. The winner of this raffle was:

The raffle winners have been drawn at random, with 3 winners sharing the four prizes that were up for grabs.

  • Grand Prize Winner
    • Congratulations to Elendil from the adventurer roster of Theodril who won the grand prize -- the Ring Of Bone and a "Master Adventurer's Pack".
  • 3 "Master Adventurer's Packs" which include some gold, experience, and Adventurer Tokens.
    • Spellhurler from the adventurer roster of Karate claimed two of the three secondary prizes
    • Arathorn from the adventurer roster of Andy79UK won the final secondary prize.

Prize Edit

Ring Of Bone

 Item 1124: Ring Of Bone (Magical) Armour, Finger 

Encumbrance: 1
Melee Rating: +6
Stamina Points: +6
Aura: +2
This ring is crafted out of bone. A fierce-looking skull has been carved into the top of the thin band. This ring was once the property of Tallys, who is said to have found it in a dragon's lair, though there also exists an old rumour that he took it from the hand of a dead necromancer.

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