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  • Each character can purchase unlimited tickets (1 ticket = 10 Gold).
  • A total of 8 prizes were awarded.
  • No character could win more than once.
  • This raffle was available from Tuesday, September 1 through Monday, September 7, 2009.
  • The prize drawing took place on Monday, September 7, 2009.


9/1/09 on Game Updates 2009

The Latest Updates

A Special Raffle - The Ring of Mayhem Later today (9/1) Tallys will begin hosting a special raffle for a grand ring -- The Ring of Mayhem.

Tickets for this special raffle will cost 10 gold each. Adventurers wishing to participate can purchase as many tickets as their plentiful gold reserves will allow.

As the Ring of Mayhem is a unique item, only one prize for one lucky winner will be available.

9/7/09 on Game Updates 2009

The Raffle of The Rings Ends

Tallys's 'Raffle of The Rings' has concluded. The drawing will be conducted, and the results will be posted later this evening (Monday, 9/7).

Adventurers lucky enough to win one of the magnificent rings will be able to claim the prize of their choice as soon as the results have been posted.

Just over ten and a half million tickets were purchased for the raffle. As promised, Tallys will be distributing the gold to the less fortunate throughout the kingdom.

Thanks to all the adventurers who took part in the raffle and good luck to everyone!

9/7/09 on Game Updates 2009

Raffle Winners Drawn

Eight lucky adventurers have had one of their tickets drawn (out of a grand total of over 10.5 million tickets) in Tallys's special 'Raffle of The Rings'.

To see if your adventurer is among the eight winners, and to select your prize, please pay a visit to the "windowless building with a blue door" in Hawklor, Talinus, or Trithik.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated!


The list of winners wasn't made public for the previous one, ToT, so it's likely that this one will also be kept secret


Ring Of Mayhem

 Item 1582: Ring Of Mayhem (Magical) Value: 228,000 gold Armour, Finger 

Encumbrance: 1
PowerSinister Mayhem
Melee Rating: 9
Stamina Points: 10
Nevernal Reserve: 5
Agility: 3
Body: 3
Might: 3
Aura: 1
Mind: 1
Requires 70 Weaponry
Requires 60 Lore
Requires 15 Might
Requires 15 Body
Requires 15 Agility
Little is known about this magical wooden ring, save for the fact that it was long ago discovered in the belly of a slain dragon, still fitted on the steel finger of a severed steel hand.
This powerful ring bestows upon its wearer extraordinary combat ability -- in addition to other benefits.
Tallys claims that this item has the potential to unleash an energy attack during combat and help you to dodge an enemy's attack.

Carnage Band

 Item 1583: Carnage Band (Magical) Armour, Finger 

Encumbrance: 1
PowerUnbridled Rage
Melee Rating: 10
Stamina Points: 10
Agility: 1
Body: 3
Might: 4
Spirit: 2
Requires 80 Weaponry
Requires 14 Might
Requires 15 Body
Requires 15 Spirit
Requires 14 Agility
This thick iron ring, its smooth surface adorned with a rib of ravenbone, is a truly fearsome artifact. When worn in combat, the ring has the chance to send its wearer into an uncontrollable rage, which will stun an enemy and prevent them from attacking until the episode has subsided.
The ring also greatly increases the combat ability of any man or woman fortunate (and skilled) enough to slip it onto their finger.
Tallys has never worn this ring and refuses to touch it with his bare hands.

Ring Of Phasing

 Item 1586: Ring Of Phasing (Magical) Armour, Finger 

Encumbrance: 1
Melee Rating: 6
Stamina Points: 7
Nevernal Reserve: 10
Aura: 3
Mind: 3
Spirit: 3
Requires 14 Aura
Requires 14 Mind
Requires 14 Spirit
Requires 70 Arcana
Requires 50 Lore
Requires 70 Gating
Requires 50 Conjuration
Requires 70 Telekinesis
Requires 60 Divination
This curved band of solid gold is the legendary Ring of Phasing, and item long believed to have been lost forever.

Crafted ages ago by powerful Aldvarian mages, the ring has known many masters, though it was thought to have been lost when its bearer -- the great spellcaster, Jaron-Arel -- was killed during the razing of Grevorr.
When worn in combat, the ring has the potential of 'phasing' its wearer into another dimension for a fleeting instant -- long enough to successfully avoid an enemy's attack.
Tallys claims to have found the ring in the Kingdom of Ryorsial -- though he refuses to be more precise than that.

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