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Tallys's Trading Post

Tallys's Trading Post, located deep in the forest west of Trithik, is a sizeable structure built entirely out of logs and stone. It is commonly known that powerful magic protects the trading post, serving to deter ambitious thieves who would love nothing better than to plunder its valuable inventory.

Locations Edit

The Trading Post Edit

This is a special shop that only accepts Adventurer Tokens.

  • As well as buying items, you can sell his items back to him for the same number of ATs. It will only cost you (7 * Adv. Token Cost) in gold as a refund fee, so don't hesitate in buying the best available equipment you can afford on each step of your journey, knowing you can change your decision later for a modest price (it used to be 20*AT cost in gold, it was changed in some moment of July–August 2009). In July 2016 it was 500 gold for every item regardless for how many ATs it cost.
  • You can also 'try before you buy', as any item you consider buying from Tallys can be equipped and tried out on the training dummies. There are four dummies, and each of them can be engaged in a non-lethal, scaled battle: silver-caped (easiest, 7+), blue-caped (harder, 11+), purple-caped (harder yet, 12+), red-caped (hardest!, 14+).
  • These items cannot be found elsewhere in the game. The higher the cost, the more valuable they are - the cheap ones can be poorer in stat increase than the average weapons and armour, so choose carefully.
  • From time to time, Tallys makes available a special selection of items for a limited time. Those items can be bought only during the specified period, although they can be later refunded like any other item in the Trading Post. Some of these items appear just once, and some of them appear from time to time: there is no way to know in advance, but players usually report this on the appropriate {{ #NewWindowLink: | forum thread }}.
  • A generally complete list of items (barring new items that haven't been added yet) can be found on the Category:Tallys' Items

Raffles Edit

Occasionally, Tallys holds a raffle of new and unique items he has acquired over the years. Visit the Raffles page to see the winners and prizes from past contests. (These seem to have been replaced by the on-going Well of Blades raffles.)

Tallys's CottageEdit

You can't access this area until you have rented an item from Tallys.

Adventures for This Location Edit

 The Missing Hilt (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Tallys' cottage near Trithik
Description: A fireside chat with Tallys in his modest cottage (what exactly does he spend all of his wealth on?) leads to adventure...
Requirements: You must know the location of Tarkhald Crypt, and have at least one item from Tallys in your inventory.
Difficulty: Final battle is 9+ at MR 80, 350 SP

This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
Note: Listed in adventure log under Tallys

Newly Constructed Stone BuildingEdit

Here, you can speak with Tallys about The Tome Of Attainment and glimpse this artifact. There is also an adventure associated with this location.

 The Creeping Wood (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: The Newly Constructed Stone Building at Tallys Trading Post.
Description: A worried look suddenly passes over the master adventurer's face and you immediately ask him if something is the matter. He nods and quickly motions for you to follow him outside.
Difficulty: Most difficult fight is (9+ at MR 135 Exact, 575 SP). MR 145+ recommended.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.

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