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Talinus, also known as the City of The Griffon, is the capital of the Kingdom of Tysa. This large, walled city stands at the southernmost end of the Saarn Split and is home to the citadel of King Wenreald, Tysa's ruling monarch.

Due to its location and importance in the affairs of the realm, Talinus and the towns and villages that surround it enjoy bustling commerce and relatively-high prosperity.

Locations Edit

Pay a visit to Lothren (AG) Edit

See Lothren to find out how to unlock it.

Trek to the idol of Palk (AG) Edit

Direct access to Kyul-Thanor once you complete the quest Lothren.

Cathedral of Silver RainEdit

It is the largest church in Talinus.

Here you can:

  • Buy Blessings of Protection for 500 gold each.
  • Kneel before the silver pool. As of October 28, 2010, this has the effect of removing the Iakor's Weapons alignment curse. It will also slightly improve your overall alignment. The alignment effect can be triggered once per day.
  • Have a mini-adventure:
 Salwyn the Priest Informal Adventure

Location: Talinus, in the Cathedral of Silver Rain
Description: The sound of a man screaming from somewhere above reaches your ears. His desperate, fearful cries end abruptly...
Requirements: None
Difficulty: Easy

Note: Listed under Events in Adventure Log.

King's citadelEdit

It is situated in the northern quarter, and is home to King Wenreald.

At first, a request to see the King will be ignored. After embarking upon several quests, eventually you will be able to enter the Citadel and speak with the King Wenreald.

The Sounding Oak Edit

This enchanted ancient tree towers over a circular garden which people frequently congregate. Stepping up to the oak results in a random flavour text which can be about the corruption in the Grey Circle, farming problems in Northern Tysa, rat epidemic in the city, crimes in Trithik and Mirgspil, the danger represented by Tysa's Thanes and the foretold return of Runeskin. Only one quest takes place here, but more may be added in the future.

 The Chamber of Horrors (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: The Sounding Oak, Talinus
Description: Emithayla tells you that the last she saw of him, as she shielded three of her companions from the wizards' parting volley of magic, was his limp body being dragged out of the tavern by two of the dark-garbed assailants...
Requirements: Quest:Fort Ironwind
Saga: Rhaknar's Mad
Difficulty: Most enemies are scaled. Apparently unbeatable fights start 16+ but become 9+ after certain actions, some random enemies are 11+. Hardest none-scaled fights are 9+ at MR 150.
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Hulmarn Tanglemane Edit

He sells expensive magical auras to AG members. The only one which has been reported on costs 150 AT and provides +3 to MR, +5 to SP and unspecified combat protection.

A coach marked 'Tallys' (AG) Edit

Take a free coach to Tallys.

Faradmyn the estate merchant (AG) Edit

This NPC was introduced in the 25th of January, 2009. He sells Special Residences for 125 AT and 2,000 gold, they used to cost only 64 AT and 25,000 gold before an unknown date in 2014.

Main article: Residence

Grey Circle compoundEdit

After The Secret of Stoneback Hill, AG members can join the Grey Circle (which will then appear under Events in your Adventure Log) to learn and get discounted training in all powers except Necromancy and Shadow Magic. See Grey Circle for details.

Iron Claw Weapon MarketEdit

Here various people sell ordinary weapons, and Perth Kinbolt sells some superior and exceptional weapons. See Item Selling Guide for details.

 Garthrin the Great (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: The Goblinclaw Inn, then The Iron Claw Weapon Market in Talinus
Description: The long lost lair of Garthrin the Great, a mage whose powers of elemental magic were largely considered to be beyond compare, has long remained a mystery...until now...
Requirements: The First Dreadstone.
Saga: Dreadstones
Difficulty: most difficult fight is 9+ at MR 75
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: This is technically a non-AG quest, but its prerequisites include an AG quest.

Yubrig the ArmourerEdit

Here Yubrig sells various armour, and you can also request to see his finest plate armour. See Item Selling Guide for details.

Thofyra's Training YardEdit

Here warriors can train, and Thofyra (a grey-haired warrior of immense skill) can train you in the following techniques:

  • Weaponry: Slashing
  • Weaponry: Bashing
  • Weaponry: Hacking
  • Weaponry: Stabbing
  • Weaponry: Polearms

Each costs 256 general xp, and 100 gold.

You can also spar for 25 gold.

 Victory at Thofyra's Informal Adventure

Location: Talinus, Thofyra's Training Yard
Description: Defeat all of the warriors, then defeat Thofyra himself.
Requirements: 25 gold
Difficulty: 9 @ MR 100

Note: Appears under Events in the Adventure Log

Westgard Library Edit

Located in the western section of Talinus, the Westgard Library houses historical documents and artifacts. Within the small, stone structure, a group of scholars and sages supervise the acquisition of new items for the Crown.

Hirwryn, one of the library's sages, will purchase Aldvarian Artifacts in exchange for a number of Battle Markers depending on the artifact's rarity:

Type Reward
Common 2 Battle Markers
Uncommon 4 Battle Markers
Rare 6 Battle Markers
Very Rare 8 Battle Markers
Extremely Rare 12 Battle Markers
Renowned 16 Battle Markers
Legendary 24 Battle Markers
Mythical 32 Battle Markers

Hirwryn will exchange ALL of the Artifacts in your inventory. If you have some Artifacts that you don't want to exchange, you can put them in storage at one of your Dwellings.

This location was added on May 8, 2010. It is now available to all again, but at some point in 2011 it was made AG-only and stayed that way for some time.

On May 25, 2010, adventurers started to report a new quest randomly triggering here after selling artifacts.

 The Aldvarian Amulet (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Talinus's Westgard Library
Description: Speaking softly, in a quiet corner of the library, Hirwyrn tells you that he's recently discovered an obscure passage in an ancient text that discloses the location of a valuable object of antiquity.
Difficulty: <missing, to do>

Visit Nollyr Edit

This location shows up after you complete Nollyr's Flight. You will sometimes need to consult with Nollyr regarding The Hall of Ruin.

Explore Talinus Edit

Attempting to explore Talinus will give you the following dialogue:

You set out to explore the city of Talinus and the surrounding area.
If you know the name of a street or special location, (Adventurer), you may enter it below and click the Explore button.
What location would you like to explore?

Locations that can be explored

You can put the following locations into the textbox (details spoilertagged):

  • Larksong Way
  • Forest Statue
  • Penekarn Lane
  • Yirrsin
Larksong Way

Starts a quest (see also Eavesdropping):

 Lothren (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Talinus
Description: This quest opens Lothren's services, and allows access to Kyul-Thanor.
Requirements: none, but Eavesdropping helps.
Difficulty: 9+ at MR ~60 on the most difficult path.

Note: Listed in Adventure Log as Great Warrior Spirit

Forest Statue

Unlocked during Lothren. After you've unlocked Kyul-Thanor, exploring the forest statue has the same result as "trek to the idol of Palk" on the main Talinus menu.

Penekarn Lane
  • At first your only option is to "stroll along the lane."
  • If you give 1 gold to the beggar in Penekarn Lane he will introduce himself as Wenreald, and let you see something for 50 gold. After following him you will have the option of buying the Jade-Studded Belt for 5100 gold (hardly worthwhile). If you don't follow him after you've paid him, you'll be able to encounter him again, but he will demand the same (50 gold) payment. After you've seen the belt for the first time, you will have the option to visit Wenreald the fence whenever you return. If you buy the belt the encounter ends. This appears in your Adventure Log under Events.
  • If you "stroll along the lane" again after encountering Wenreald, you will see a man go into an alley. Details at Lothren.
  • The Third House Theater: This location opens after you venture into The Caves of Westwold (but you don't have to finish the quest). You will encounter Cierna here and can get a quest from her.
 Hudlark the Fox Informal Adventure

Location: Talinus, The Third House on Penekarn Lane.
Description: Cierna, one of three members of an acting troupe you bravely rescued from the goblin caves in Westwold, has a problem with a particularly nasty rogue by the name of Hudlark the Fox.
Requirements: Must have logged A rescue in Westwold event at the start of The Caves of Westwold.
Difficulty: variable, but around 9+ at MR 40


Unless you've started The Ghost Ship, nothing happens here.

The Harbour Area Edit

Dwindlesail TavernEdit

A dilapidated tavern in the harbour where you can order a drink or start a tavern brawl.

 A Barmaid's Honor Informal Adventure

Location: Talinus, The Dwindlesail Tavern
Description: You see a barmaid harassed by a local drunk.
Requirements: none
Difficulty: variable, but MR 30+ should more than suffice.

Note: Appears under Events in the Adventure Log.

Sogg-Barrel TavernEdit

Here Jodd Rolekst and his men do business. His guards are stationed at the door, and will not let anyone in unless Jodd allows it.

 Captain Jodd Rolekst Informal Adventure

Location: Talinus Harbor Area Taverns
Description: Earn the respect of Captain Jodd Rolekst and accept the task of retrieving a payment for him.
Requirements: Picking a certain number of fights in the Dwindlesail Tavern
Difficulty: 14 @ MR 27

Note: Appears under Events in the Adventure Log

The Wharfs Edit

If you explore the wharfs, you may get ambushed by someone shooting a dart at you. You can try to avoid the projectile:

You may also encounter this adventure:

 A Healing Hand Informal Adventure

Location: The wharfs at Talinus Harbor
Description: The daughter of the merchant captain of a trading ship has fallen ill.
Requirements: Restoration 20

Note: Listed in Events in the Adventure Log

Other Locations Edit

This is an incomplete list of locations known to exist in and around Talinus, which you may hear about or visit during quests:

  • Eastwall Lane
  • Bluestone Lane
  • Carrysouth Way
  • Foxden Alehouse
  • Stoic Lord Tavern
  • Wild Arms Inn
  • Red Roar Inn
  • The Old Hog Alehouse
  • The King's Larder

Random Encounters Edit

There are two quests available here:

 Guardsmen vs Rogues Informal Adventure

Location: Talinus Random Encounters
Description: While walking the streets of Talinus you come across several guardsman locked in a struggle with a band of rogues.
Requirements: none
Difficulty: 8+ at MR 27

Note: Listed under Events in the Adventure Log
 The Juggler Informal Adventure

Location: Talinus Random Encounters
Description: While exploring the streets of Talinus you come across what looks like a harmless juggler, though perhaps all is not as it seems...
Requirements: none
Difficulty: none

Note: Listed under Events in the Adventure Log

You can also have the following encounters:

  • Nothing mentionable (most common)
  • The stranger with a wide-brimmed hat (just flavour text).
  • A Death Vine Tendril (9+ at MR 33-36 Variable, 90 SP, 1 XP), can't FLEE

For the moment, there are no more known encounters here. You can keep having encounters indefinitely.

Adventures for This Location Edit

 A Fireside Encounter Formal Adventure?

Location: Talinus
Description: The warm glow spilling out of the windows of the Foxden Alehouse is more than you can resist on this cold winter afternoon...
Requirements: None
Difficulty: No Challenges

This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
Note: It's unknown if any of the "Hand of Fate" decisions of this adventure really has some future significance.
 Sleepless Night (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Talinus - Adventures for This Location
Description: Unable to sleep, you felt that a walk under the stars this cold autumn night would help you to relax. As you are about to find out, a sleepless night is often better than a walking nightmare...
Requirements: None
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 50

Note: Time: about five minutes
 A Dragon's Lair (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Talinus, Iron Claw Weapon Market and Adventures for This Location
Description: Armed with the information you procured from Barnlin, and aware of the extreme danger involved, you prepare to set out for the location of the dragon's lair...
Requirements: The Caves of Westwold
Difficulty: Optional fight 9+ at MR 80, or several skill checks.

Note: Although all characters can encounter Barlin, only AG characters can engage in the quest.
 Eavesdropping (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Talinus
Description: You hear a potentially interesting tidbit of information while eavesdropping over a mug of ale in the Stoic Lord Tavern.
Requirements: None
Difficulty: None

Note: Listed in Events as "Larksong Way"
 The Mossy Hillside (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Talinus
Description: Upon first glance the approaching rise in the forest appears to be nothing more than a steep, mossy slope, but as you near the base of the small hill you spot something that leads you to believe otherwise...
Difficulty: Easy, hardest enemy is 9+ with MR 42

 The Gallows Formal Adventure?
Location: Talinus
Description: A grim spectacle suddenly turns deadly as a condemned man snaps his bonds and throws two of the guardsmen from the gallows platform.
Requirements: Complete Runeskin's Minions
Saga: Runeskin
Difficulty: 9+ at MR 75, or 9+ at MR 64

 The Wounded Horseman Formal Adventure?

Location: Begin in Talinus, then travel to Eastfell
Description: Blood seeps through the horseman's tunic and he gingerly clutches at his side as he relates to you horrifying tidings from the remote town of Eastfell...
Requirements: none
Difficulty: as high as 9+ @ MR 92
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
Note: Like Quest:The Caves of Westwold, this starts as a formal adventure but must be completed by traveling to a different location. Not listed in Adventure Log.
 The Shattered Skull - Part I - Hurenon (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Talinus
Description: The Ryorsilian Archmage, Hurenon has called upon the services of a master adventurer. Not surprisingly, that adventurer is you...
Requirements: Must have completed The Hunted Man
Saga: The Shattered Skull
Difficulty: A certain Skill at 30+ is optional

 The Twin Blades (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Talinus
Description: Just the idea that the infamous 'Twin Blades', Zarythor and Thalynor, are once again on the loose is enough to send a shudder racing up even the most rigid spine...
Requirements: Must have completed Solundor's Grand Ring of Illusion
Difficulty: Most difficult battle is 9+ at MR 140
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
Note: Listed in Adventurer Log
 Nollyr's Flight Formal Adventure?

Location: Talinus
Description: The sight of three men chasing a much older man along the edge of a dark, deserted lane is all it takes to steel your will and propel you into action...
Requirements: The Caves of Westwold
Difficulty: None at all. Optional fight 3+ at MR 75

 Bones and Dust (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Talinus
Description: The young woman lowers her head as she steps toward the obelisk. The soft, gentle sound of her half-whispered prayer serves to give you a moment's pause...
Requirements: A Wrinkle (certain conditions have to be met - see prerequisites)
Saga: The Dire (Saga)

Note: This quest has the option to run it normal or scaled
 A Lonely Light (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Talinus
Description: The bright, flickering glow spilling out of the tower's upper window unexpectedly disappears, its sudden depature draping the summit of the hillock with the deep black of the cold, moonless night...
Requirements: Bones and Dust
Saga: The Dire (Saga)

Note: This quest has the option to run it normal or scaled

Nearby Locations Edit

Tanonwood Edit

The Ruins of Yir-Tanon Edit

Main article: The Ruins of Yir-Tanon

The Village of Sageholt Edit

Main article: Sageholt

Abandoned Watchtower Edit

Becomes available when you start Mezaryl's Cellar.

Main article: Abandoned Watchtower

Eastfell Edit

Only available during The Wounded Horseman.

Main article: Eastfell

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