Talderus Redborn Multiplayer Battle
Location: Your journey takes you from Central Tysa, through Talinus, Sageholt, to The Blustery Wood
Description: A battle against the Red Wolf of Sageholt
Reset time: Variable, some number of hours
Requirements: Speak to the man in the Long Summer Inn
Difficulty: About 9+ at MR 125

This main rewards of this scenario are:

You can leave this scenario without resetting it.
Note: Accessed through the Noted Location "A Large Clearing Deep in the Forest" in The Blustery Wood

Information Edit

Prerequisite: Unlocked by speaking to the man in the Long Summer Inn.

Description: This is the location for the new multiplayer scenario featuring The Redwolf of Sageholt, Talderus Redborn. The mechanics and battle style of this MP are similar to Wurmwrit Farm in which players attack the boss and rest on location. The MR rating for Blustery Wood's is slightly higher, though Talderus Redborn appears to have lower SP (unconfirmed). Blustery Wood's wolfkin that attack you as you approach the clearing is remniscent of the trolls you battle upon entering Ildraria's Lair. However, it has one distinguishing feature from other MPs: the appearance of a random enemy after a forced retreat.

Encounters: Upon entering the clearing, you will engage in battle with several wolfkin before reaching the clearing where the multiplayer battle takes place. You won't be able to use Restoration between them, either. This encounter resets every two hours, independent of the reset time of the multiplayer battle.

  • Snarling Wolfkin (9+ at MR 75 Exact, 100 SP, 4-5 or 9 combat XP), can flee immediately (no attack needed), immune to mundane weapons
  • Eyeless Wolfkin (9+ at MR 80 Exact, 125 SP, 9 or 17-18 combat XP), can flee immediately (no attack needed), immune to mundane weapons
  • Black Striped Wolfkin (9+ at MR 85 Exact, 140 SP, 9 or 17-18 combat XP), can flee immediately (no attack needed), immune to mundane weapons
  • Blood Spattered Wolfkin (9+ at MR 90 Exact, 150 SP, 9 or 17-18 combat XP), can flee immediately (no attack needed), immune to mundane weapons
  • 64 XP to General for defeating all the wolfkin.

Note: The combat experience is reduced as your MR and SP increase.

Historical Note: Originally fleeing from the 4 Wolfkin was not allowed. On the 14th July 2012 this was changed and fleeing is now allowed.

Boss Battle: Talderus Redborn (9+ at MR 123-125 Approx, ~38,000 SP), can stun you for one round and/or cause some damage (up to 79 damage seen after the most recent changes), can resist some powers

  • Occasionally, after a forced retreat, you will have the option to fight a Savage Wolfkin (3+ MR 130, SP 150, 1 XP to combat), or to flee (bonuses from Agility, Body, Woodsmanship (x0.25), Thievery (x0.25) and Luck (x0.5); 75+ to succeed).
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