Sword Island Replayable Scenario
Location: Your journey takes you from Central Tysa, through The Griffon Crags to Tar Lake
Description: Fight your way through hordes of tar men to reach the Aldvarian Tomb on the island
Reset time: unknown
Requirements: must be wearing Varkyn's Ring Of Motley Wonder to access the full scenario
Difficulty: About 9+ at MR 80

This main rewards of this scenario are:

You can leave this scenario without resetting it.

General InformationEdit

From the lake's southern shore, you may cross to the sword-shaped island in its center that you have thus called 'Sword Island'. This location first becomes available after you embark on the quest for the Aldvarian Amulet.

To reach the island you must pass a series of Random check (1-100 + Woodsmanship * 0.25 + Mind * 1 + Aura * 1 + Luck * 0.50). 75 or more needed to pass. Advance 10% of the way if you pass. You trip and lose ~24-30 SP to boiling tar if you don't pass. This is similar to the crossing of the Meglasmire, but much more dangerous.

Upon reaching Sword Island, you encounter a group of (7 to 18) Tar Men. You may either:

  • Fight them one at a time. Tar Man (9+ at MR 74-81 Variable, 130-140 SP, 1-8 XP). After dispatching all the Tar Men, you receive an additional 16 general XP for each Tar Man defeated. Or...
  • Flee. You leave the island and cross back to the shores of Tar Lake. If you return to Sword Island, you will have to confront the Tar Men again.

Once you've defeated the Tar Men, you can access the Aldvarian tomb on the island (not to be confused with The Aldvarian Tomb in Bentlimb Wood).

Level 1 Edit

Map sword island 1

The first time you reach the tomb, you will need to complete The Aldvarian Amulet. The map shows the state of the tomb after the quest is complete - there are no more foes. With the Ring of Motley Wonder you can gain access to the second level.

Level 2 Edit

Map sword island 2

The second level contains random encounters with tar men (about 13 - if you clear all of them you get 128/32 xp), two pictures of men seeming to worship a Tar Monster, a sign that (with high enough Lore) is translated as "...the beast is the bog is the beast...", 4 switches that must be thrown to the down position to access the altar (which reset themselves occasionally on an unknown basis), and the altar.

The Altar Edit

Main article: Quest:The Black Octagonal Gems
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