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The town of Stormfield is in Fenmarch and sits on the edge of a vast area of swampland known throughout the local area as 'The Murk'. Although irrigation from the swamp provides the township's farmers with an abundance of fertile farmland, the mire is a place of great peril that is avoided by nearly everyone.

Locations Edit

When you arrive in Stormfield, most of the locations are unavailable. The town magistrate is unlocked after you speak with the locals for the first time. The local mercantile and The Murk are unlocked after you accept the The Murk quest from the magistrate.

After you finish the The Murk quest you may also Explore the realms at random.

The Town Magistrate Edit

Here you can get information about, and start the The Murk quest.

The Local Mercantile Edit

Can tell you a little bit more about The Murk.

You can sell your weapons, armor and miscellaneous items for 50% the item's value, up to 75 gold.

You can buy the following weapons and armour here:

Move to the entrance of 'The Murk' Edit

You enter the The Murk quest area.

Adventures for This Location Edit

 The Murk Informal Adventure

Location: Stormfield
Description: The first quest available in Stormfield, it isn't on the "Adventures for this Location" list.
Requirements: None
Difficulty: 3+ at MR 70, or up to 12+ at MR 70 in the hardest course.

Note: The Murk used to be the largest mappable region in the world of Sryth, before it was downsized in June 2008. Many a brave adventurer has lost his way here.
 A Journey Into the Murk Formal Adventure?

Location: Stormfield
Description: Venture into the murk a second time to discover the ancient tomb of a long dead mage.
Requirements: The Murk
Difficulty: variable, but about 9+ at MR 50

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