This page serves as a documentation for the Maps Excel Spreadsheet.

The Maps spreadsheet was created by Scarbrowtalk

What is this Edit

The Maps spreadsheet is a semi-automatic tool to create maps for Sryth dungeons. Basically, all you have to do is:

  • Open the Excel spreadsheet
  • Draw the dungeon walls with the "Borders" tool (there is a specific Borders toolbar you can bring out by right-clicking the toolbar's blank space and selecting "Borders") on the "Maps" page
  • Fill it with the noted locations (you can use letters or numbers, as you wish)
  • Select the cell of one of the noted locations on your map.
  • Press the "Mapify" button on the "Controls" page. This will apply several formats to your map, making it easier to read and giving it a standard appearance.

How it works Edit

Through the use of the Excel integrated VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). It's been tested on Excel 2003, and if you find any problems you can contact Scarbrow about it. Remember you'll have to set your Security level (on Tools -> Macro -> Security) to Medium or Low to be able to use the button functions.

Converting a map into an image Edit

After you've created your map, and are satisfied with its look, take a screenshot of it (with the PrintScreen key, which is located on the top right part of most keyboards) and edit with your favourite image editing software (a great free option for Windows is Paint .NET). Do not add the explanations to the screenshot: Crop the image so it only shows the map. The key to locations must be added to the wiki page.

Save it to a convenient format (.JPG is acceptable, although .GIF is better for these low-color images and .PNG is even better than the previous two, and preferable for use on this wiki since it's a free format).

Upload your image following the instructions on Special:Upload. Keep in mind the Maps naming conventions, and insert your new map into an article with the assistance of Help:Photos.


The maps at The Caves of Westwold and The Blood of Zardruzin are two examples of maps done with this system.

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