If you don't like Monobook or don't want to log in to view the wiki, the number one thing you can do to make Oasis more usable is to employ an addon like Adblock Plus for Firefox (there are similar extensions available for most browsers) to remove the many ads this site displays.

Using Monobook Edit

To activate it, go to your Preferences and on the "User Profile" section, go to "Site Layouts" and mark "MonoBook" instead of "New Wikia Look". This will only affect your user, and only when you're logged in. There are a few other options available which may improve your experience, so check them out.

Once you're in Monobook, you'll see several changes around you. The ones that will matter most to general users are that the page width is flexible, there are fewer intrusive ads, and the horizontal wiki headings and menus are gone, making it easier to see the actual content of the page.

Other advantages include:

  • No manipulation of source code in the edit screen (categories displayed in a different box, etc)
  • Smaller page controls
  • A lot of the social media and advertising about other Wikia sites is removed, along with most troublesome widgets imposed upon us in the past years.
  • Less clutter overall
  • Wider tables and images fit better

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