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Welcome to the Sryth Wiki
3,684 articles since February 2009, comprising
3,021 Item pages, 301 Quest pages, and 362 general pages in 231 Categories.

This is a place for players of the browser-based role-playing game Sryth to share tips and information. While the game of Sryth offers no direct way of communicating between characters, a strong, varied and closely-knit community of players has developed using the official Sryth forum and this wiki.

The Sryth Forum usually has the most current information on new quests and other changes much sooner than the wiki. However, the wiki offers a more stable and organized way to find specific information. If you're looking for a guide to beat a difficult quest or hints to improve your character, there's a trove of knowledge here. For personalized advice, we welcome your questions on the forum. PLEASE NOTE: The Sryth Forum is currently down (see the News section for more details); however, the prior Sryth Forum is still in operation, though it has had very low activity.

Most of the time you'll want to jump from one site to the other, using the best they both have to offer.

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Many Sryth Wiki users prefer the Monobook skin. Unless you've manually changed it, you're in the new Wikia skin a.k.a. Oasis. To switch, you will need to log in and go to Special:Preferences. In the Appearance section, switch Layout to MonoBook.

If you prefer not to use Monobook, see How to cope with Oasis for tips to improve your browsing and editing experience.


Here is a list of links to get you started on the Sryth wiki. To browse the wiki, you can also use one of several indexes, category browsing (either from the Content category or through the category tree), the links on the top bar, or the Search box.

Recommended Pages
  • Quest List - a good place to look for playable content that you haven't completed, while minimizing spoilers.
  • Character Startup Guide (AG) - an optimization guide for new players or players starting a new character, but beware of spoilers and missing out on the fun of exploration.
  • Best Items By Type (AG) - a guide to the best "free" (acquired through gameplay rather than bought from Tallys) items in the game.
  • Kingdom of Tysa - an index of the Travel-able locations of Sryth, as well as a graphical map of the kingdom.
  • Item Selling Guide - how to get the most gold for your loot.

How to Start

Places to travel to (maybe on your mount):

The Kingdom of Tysa
Northwest Tysa

The Stonelands

Northern Tysa


Northeast Tysa


Western Tysa

The Edgelands

Central Tysa

The Middle Kingdom

Eastern Tysa


Southwest Tysa


Southern Tysa

The Thanelands

Southeast Tysa


Saarngard Isle Iron Crown Isle

Plus three places not-quite-in-the-map

Wiki Help

Helping out

New? Not sure where to start?
  • If you are new to wikis, check out the tutorial, and see Help Contents. Check also the "wiki help" section above.
  • This community strongly encourages editors to register and sign up to edit
  • You can always help with small contributions anywhere, we're a friendly community.
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What's new on Sryth Wiki

Latest News at top. Older news in the archive

11/18/13 - Sryth Forum

An issue involving the Sryth forum resulted in the decision to take the forum and its associated domain offline until a decision can be reached regarding its future.

Due to recent and ongoing issues involving the software that powered the Sryth forum (vBulletin), it is not certain that the forum (as it existed) will be brought back.

We are working on implementing a messaging/forum system within the game that we hope will be a step toward replacing the external forum.

The in-game forum will allow for basic message forum functionality and will be closely tied to game data (characters, locations, adventures, events, etc.). Players won't need to leave the game to be able to access the forum.

More details on this soon.

If you have any questions/suggestions/comments on any of this, please send them to

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