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Node Comments Thematic
aamdc A Chance to Double Your Donation Rewards - AAM 2011. Game mechanics
ac The Adventurer Collective. Organizations
adrimarsstones About the stones on Adrimar's Task. Items
advhow How to receive your reward for donating. Game mechanics
advs An incomplete list of adventures only available to AG members. Game mechanics
advscale Info on Adventure Difficulty Options. Game mechanics
advtokens Information about the Adventurer's Tokens. Game mechanics
ag Info about the AG. Game mechanics
ageofaraludon The Age of Araludon. Ages
ageofigtheon The Age of Igtheon. Ages
ageofstorms The Age of Storms. Ages
agex A little info on expired subscriptions. Game mechanics
agh Adventurer's Guild Hall. Places
agm Adventurer Collective Guildmaster, a mysterious figure. Characters
ago The link for AG-only content. Game mechanics
aiganek (Not yet available, the unofficial capital of Hadrigon.) Places
aigansea (Not yet available, Aiganek is on its north shore.) Places
aldvari One of the only two groups of humans to ever appear on Sryth. They grew, dispersed and formed all human nations, except Hadrigon. Races
aldvarianocean The Aldvarian Ocean. Places
alspuin This vast mountain range spans nearly the entire eastern flank of the Kingdom of Tysa and serves as the natural border between Tysa and Ryorsial. Places
arcanespy Arcane Spy, a thief and spy versed in arcana. Miscellaneous
armofmaeltar The Arm of Maeltar. Places
armoured.scavenger Armoured Scavenger. Creatures
ashlyre A small town near Fogbough Forest. Places
asphyr One of the oldest cities in the Central Broadlands. Places
authorityunderthecrown The person to whom it is granted is given the right to exercise judicial, militaristic, and limited sovereignty over the dominion prescribed to them by Tysa's King. Tysian politics
badrogan (Not yet available, a powerful spellcaster from Koth.) Characters
baleward A line of powerful sorcerers who guard Fogbough Forest. Organizations
band.of.warding Band of Warding. Items
barkback.beetle A Barkback Beetle is a type of large, carnivorous beetle whose shell resembles tree bark. Creatures
barynbor Barynbor The Undaunted, a master adventurer considered only second to Thymbrak. Characters
battlegrounds A series of tests from the master adventurer Zumryn. Places
battle.marker Info about the Battle Markers. Items
battleofdreadtower (Not yet available; at the Battle of Dread Tower D'Liorth The Necromancer finally defeated his arch-enemy the warrior Jast. Miscellaneous
battlerage Info about Battle Rage. Game mechanics
beast.of.ebbrek The legendary beast of Lake Ebbrek. Named Creatures
bellman Town criers, used to relay news to the populace. Miscellaneous
bellsong.slough The swamp derives its name from the ghostly sound of an ancient bell that can, from time to time, be heard tolling somewhere in the tangled depths of the great bog. Places
blackbone.avenger Blackbone Avenger. Creatures
blackbone.skeleton Blackbone Skeleton. Creatures
black.fang.spider Black Fang Spider. Creatures
blackguard In years past, a well-equipped unit of wilderness fighters supported and maintained by the Night Whisperers and led by Jirig Ayroth. Organizations
blackhorn.beetle Blackhorn Beetle. Creatures
blackstripe.bear Blackstripe Bear. Creatures
black.writ The Black Writ. Organizations
blazesnake Blaze Snake. Creatures
blightroot A combat-enhancing substance created from the blighted root of a palo tree. Seen on Festival of Blades. Items
blood.grub Blood Grub. Creatures
bloodrunes The Bloodrunes Collection. Items
blue.sawfin A fish common in Lake Ebbrek. Miscellaneous
bog.giant A type of giant. Creatures
boltsling A dangerous device that somewhat resembles a crossbow. Items
bombsling Towers of timber and iron, used as war engines by goblins. They throw goblin bombs. Items
bone.bladesman Bone Bladesman. Creatures
bonejaw An ancient clan of cave goblins. Creatures
borderrangers The Tysian Army elite units. Organizations
bremmsdeep (Not yet available, unknown location.) Places
brig.longeye Brig Longeye. Characters
brizikirn The Brizikirn Gang was a brutal band of rogues led by a Phiadonese master thief named Chotolo. Organizations
bryngara The former adventurer possessor of the Sword of Blessed Night. Characters
burningbladesman Cruel, ghastly swordsmen found throughout many Nevernal realms. They serve Emberoth the Slayer. Creatures
carnage.crawler Massive many-legged insects. Creatures
carrinlar.suth Carrinlar-Suth - a.k.a. the Lady of Anarain - the current Grey Mage. Characters
carverclaw Carverclaw. Creatures
castle.baleward The woodland fortress of the Balewards. Places
catamarok Wicked humanoids who have the head, hands, feet, and tail of a cat. Creatures
cavegoblin Cave Goblin. Creatures
centralbroadlands (Not yet available.) Places
charna The city of Charna, Tysa's second largest seaport. Places
chr The Crimson-Helmed Rider, Lurul-Kir. Named creatures
circle.of.warding Circle of Warding. Items
cloudbreath Cloudbreath Snake. Creatures
combat.difficulty An overview of combat difficulty Game mechanics
contestprizes Milestone Combat Contest Prizes. Miscellaneous
councilofthorns The oldest of the threee knightly orders of Sebaldin in Ryorsial. Organizations
cragbluffmoor A wild, desolate moor that sits to the northeast of the eastern edge of the Hart Hills. Places
crownland Refers to land that is reserved for the exclusive use of the King, or reserved by his authority for exclusive use by other entities. Tysian politics
curseblade One of Runeskin's harbingers. Named creatures
cydim The capital of Koth. Places
deathbarb.spider Species of giant spider named for the venomous stinger on its abdomen. Creatures
destructionofthylloer (Not yet available, it was the cataclysm that drove the Aldvari from their original land and into the Northern Broadlands, led by Syr.) Events
devourer Black, slime-covered worm-like creatures. Creatures
dhormu Tree beings that look like large hardwoods. Creatures
dhormuk Powerful, malevolent relatives of the Dhormus. Creatures
dire A small group of thieves and assassins for hire. Organizations
dliorth A shadowy mage of ancient times. Characters
doomclaw Muscular Nevernal humanoid with a broad black beak. Creatures
dor.droat A small village in Eastern Tysa. Places
dragon.beetle Fire-breathing beetles. Creatures
dragongem A petrified eye of a dragon. Items
dragonmere.deep A sprawling swamp, home to both wild beauty and unspeakable peril. Places
dreadmask A legendary warrior. Characters
durnsig A small settlement in the Hart Hills. Places
durnsigwoods The woods near Durnsig have been lost believed to be cursed. Places
duskdragon A powerful race of dragons relatively common in Sryth. Creatures
earth.lord An elemental being. Creatures
ebbmark Town on the shore of Lake Ebbrek. Places
eib Info about Special Item Bonuses. Game mechanics
elekin Elekin. Characters
elekinsstag Elekin's Stag. Named creatures
elmgnoll A village ruined by Runeskin. Places
ethoweriver (Not yet available, it's the river the river Trynd flows into.) Places
events A teaser about events only available to AG members. Game mechanics
felrundinbrownbear Felrundin Brown Bear. Creatures
felrundinrange The Felrundin Range. Places
firesteed A horselike creature of Nevernal origin. Creatures
fogbough Fogbough, the forest of mist. Places
forest.worm A Forest Worm is a large grey worm that can be found in areas of remote wilderness. Creatures
freeland Any land decreed by Tysa's king to be available for use by all of the Kingdom's citizenry. Tysian politics
frost.hulk An immensely powerful troll-like ice beast. Creatures
frostheart A deadly illness affecting those who spend prolonged periods in extremely cold climates. Miscellaneous
frostling A savage race of stone humanoids permanently covered in ice. Creatures
fsrf Fearspit and Rotgrip, heralds of Runeskin. Named Creatures
gaddurugsend A dangerous section of Trithik. Places
galerin Main port of Phiadon, harbours the bulk of the mighty Phiadonese naval fleet. Places
galerinforge A Phiadonese separatist group. Organizations
galorna Wife of Grutzmil. Characters
gatedlegion One of the threee knightly orders of Sebaldin in Ryorsial. Organizations
gci The Goblinclaw Inn. Places
gexarog Gexarog, a.k.a. Destroyer Crabs, are giant crabs able to level entire villages. Creatures
ghor.tiln One of the four greater demons who directly serve the demon lord Jhaloth. Named creatures
ghoulward Ghoul Ward, a stone that prevents a ghost from leaving a place. Items
giant.badger A badger the size of a bear. Creatures
gibmarn Son of Grutzmil and Galorna. Characters
gilnoras A distinguished member of the Grey Circle. Characters
gleemroth Gleemroth of the Isles: a legendary hero and warrior mage. Characters
glowing.goblin A recurring and slippery villain. Named creatures
gnarlsnake Poisonous, aggressive snakes. Creatures
goblinbomb Crude incendiary devices used by goblins. Items
goblinfence A goblin who interacts as a middleman of sorts between humans and less-desirable beings (such as trolls and ogres). Miscellaneous
golodd An old race, servants of Tepthog, known today as Murk-men. Races
graldok The most fortified city of Tysa, where the most of the Tysian army stands at times of peace. It guards the Raelep pass, one of the few accesses to Tysa. Places
grandsentry The current leader of Kardsen. Characters
greatages (Not yet available, there are three Great Ages: Age of Araludon, Age of Igtheon, Age of Thyreon.) Ages
greatkothianvale (Not yet available). Cited in Cydim. Places
grevorr A village razed by a powerful dusk dragon. Places
greycircle An age-old brotherhood of mages. Organizations
greymage The Grey Mage, head of the Grey Circle. Characters
greystinger A large (up to 3 feet) grey insect with a venomous stinger capable of incapacitating or killing very large prey. Creatures
greytunneler Digging humanoid creatures. Creatures
griffon The symbol of Tysa, powerful creatures that can inspire fear even in dusk dragons. Creatures
grimhand A famous Phiadonese adventurer and old comrade-in-arms of Tallys. Characters
gripmaul A legendary warrior and adventurer. Characters
grubmaw One of the harbingers of Runeskin. Named creatures
grunboar A legendary barbarian. Characters
grutzmil Keeper of the Goblinclaw Inn. Characters
gt Goblin Totem - A flat block of wood bearing the engraving of a creature to be fitted in a Goblin Totem Block. Items
gtb Goblin Totem Block - blocks of wood with impressions to fit Goblin Totems. Items
gurrundor A root commonly smoked in pipes. Items
hadrigon Realm of the last descendants of the Vorenthan. Places
halgirom Magical constructs, guardians of Tarn. Creatures
hall.of.ruin The Hall of Ruin. Places
harn Harn Longaxe, a notorious brigand. Characters
harthills Hart Hills. Places
harvesthall Southern section of Talinus, where hangings take place. Places
hawklor A small settlement in the Hart Hills. Places
hawnleyjakk A fearsome mountain giant. Named creatures Recent News and Events. Game mechanics
helprollneeded (Not available:explains to-hit value) Game mechanics
helpenc Information about Encumbrance. Game mechanics
helptrain Information about Training Game mechanics
helpxp General information about Experience. Game mechanics
helpxpg Information about General Experience Game mechanics
helpxps Information about Specific Experience Game mechanics
helpxptot Information about Total Experience. Game mechanics
hirdzaw.bridge An ancient bridge in the Stonehills area of Northwest Tysa. Places
hof The Hand of Fate (marked decisions) Game mechanics
hookfiend A hulking, grotesque, two-legged Nevernal horror. Its powerful, muscular arms are fitted with enormous bone hooks, instead of hands. Creatures
hornedcreeper Small humanoid abominations from the Neverness Creatures
horntail A large, fierce reptile with a bone horn on the tail. Creatures
hudraks.huntsmen A group of monster hunters headquartered in Mirgspil Organizations
hulnarim A Nevernal realm, said to be the origin of the Sword of Blessed Night Places
hurenon Hurenon, the blind Archmage of Ryorsial. Characters
hylbor.beetle Dog-sized beetle. Creatures
hylborbeetle Dog-sized beetle. Creatures
ibilad The entrance to the Kingdom of Koth. Places
ice.worm Reaching lengths of nearly fifty feet, ice worms are capable of killing and devouring extremely large prey. Creatures
icetroll An elemental immortal creature Named creatures
igranolt A legendary warrior and spellcaster whose time was before the Age of Araludon Characters
igtheon A powerful demon from the Nevernal realm of Onyxus. Named creatures
ildraria A great dusk dragon. Named creatures
illiok Illiok the Brave, an infamous adventurer turned guard and bully Characters
imp Small, winged humanoid creatures Creatures
irgolomok A savage goblin king, long dead Named Creatures
irmurik The legendary Phiadonese undead hunter Characters
irogarul Massive, savage, fur-covered bipeds, larger than the largest of forest trolls, who inhabit the icy upper reaches of the Alspuin Montains. Creatures
ironfang A towering mountain on the western border of Tysa Places
ironfist A giant of unknown origin from Kyul-Thanor Named creatures
ironwind A grim, stone structure, overlooking one of the highest passes in all of the Alspuin Mountains, believed to be well over a thousand years old. Places
ironshore.hollows Three natural hollows next to Lake Ironrain Places
ithroga One of the three evil warrior brothers slain by the legendary hero Merzekk Characters
jadefang Jadefang Ants Creatures
jarixstones Jarix Stones are supposed to allow teleporting long distances in conjunction with Jarix Obelisks Items
jask-jikarn Another mountain giant, half-brother of Hawnley-Jakk Named creatures
jast Jast the Mighty was a powerful warrior of ancient times, spent his life fighting Dliorth The Necromancer Characters
jhaloth The three-headed demon lord, Jhaloth, is said to be a direct servant of Igtheon. Named creatures
jirig The Troll Hunter, an adventurer. Characters
jirin.nol The Iron Dragon, father of Ildraria Named creatures
jiriwyds.plunge Jiriwyd's Plunge Places
joddrolekst Captain Joddren Rolekst Characters
joloreth Joloreth is the dark god of "Enduring Evil". Is believed to be a minion of Igtheon. Worshipped by Kurund. Named creatures
jurrusmyn A famous alchemist/warrior. Characters
kardsen A city-state of Northern Sryth. Places
kepbekk Healing herb. Items
kiast Kiast - The Lawless Isle Places
kingpilahn Late King of Ryorsial. Characters
kingwenreald King Wenreald of Tysa. Characters
kinjorek A renegade demon, wielder of the Sword of Blessed Night, slain by Joloreth Named Creatures
knightsofsebaldin Three orders of knights from Sebaldin in Ryorsial. Together, they make up the Jury of Truth. Organizations
korotul Koro-Tul, an exiled sorceress from the Grey Circle Characters
koth Isolated kingdom of the Northern Broadlands. Places
krogari Krogari, rat-men that can pose as human. Creatures
kurnok An ogre-sized beast with the face of a bear Creatures
kurthyl.rise Kurthyl Rise, home to the old Library of Longlight. Places
kurulgor A quasi-immortal ogre Characters
kurund The Kurund are a religious order who dedicate their lives to worshipping the dark god Joloreth. Organizations
kyulthanor The Nevernal Realm of Kyul-Thanor. Places
lake.ebbrek Lake in Northeast Tysa. Places
leafy.prowler The Leafy Prowler is a species of large beetle commonly found in woodland settings. Creatures
loch.blades About the three legendary Loch Blades. Items
lorgg A pirate and former slaver Characters
lorugar A master thief known as the "Snake of Charna". Characters
luesa The city of Luesa Places
luriakan A trusted advisor to Tharkyr Characters
lyogaroot The only known cure for Frostheart Items
mapoverview Explanation of the feature of Map Overview. Game mechanics
maramog Once home to a race of beings formed out of living stone, known as the Ryl-Norok. These benevolent beings kept watch over the caves and their many hidden secrets. Places
marauderlizard Marauder Lizards Creatures
marketofhorns The Market of Horns Places
mazembak Thane Mazembak is an exceptional warrior rumoured to have magical abilities. He wears a mask that hides his full face save for the eyes. Characters
merzekk A legendary hero, whose sword is even more legendary Characters
millark Captain Rexigor Millark, from Silverwysp. Characters
mirgspil A growing riverport near to Trithik. Places
mistwraith A powerful creature that is said to take on the form of fog. Creatures
moonshorecrossroads Moonshore Crossroads, a junction of several major roads that lead to various parts of the Kingdom of Tysa. Places
moonwolf A legendary bandit. Characters
mount.karugarn One of the highest peaks in the Alspuin range. Places
mountain.giant A kind of giant. Creatures
mountain.goblin The mightiest kind of goblin Creatures
mountibigord (Not yet available, Cydim is placed on its north face) Places
mounts For the moment, only horses Game mechanics
mtmaeltar Mount Maeltar Places
mtmaeral Mount Maeral Places
mtmaeth Mount Maeth Places
murkmen Inhabitants of the Murk. Creatures
musksnake Musk Snake Creatures
naidor Naidor - Realm of The Warlord Places
naranok A tribe of goblins. Creatures
neverness The Neverness Places
nightwhisperers A powerful brotherhood of thieves Organizations
northbroadlands The North Broadlands Places
northernsryth Northern Sryth Places
northscarp Northscarp is an area of crownland to the north of Trithik composed of several areas of dense, game-rich forest. Places
oakaruk Magical constructs created by Koro-Tul Creatures
ogrothok Father of Tarungar and Zaramog. Named Creatures
onyxian.blood.wing Winged lesser demons from the Nevernal realm of Onyxus. Creatures
onyxian.bone.mage From the Nevernal realm of Onyxus. Creatures
onyxian.bone.warrior From the Nevernal realm of Onyxus. Creatures
onyxian.ghoul From the Nevernal realm of Onyxus. Creatures
onyxian.war.beast Large, six-legged skeletal beasts from the Nevernal realm of Onyxus. Creatures
onyxus A terrible Nevernal realm, home to Igtheon Places
oozing.beetle Giant slime-covered, dog-sized beetles Creatures
orderofthepath One of the three knight orders from Sebaldin Organizations
ot The Onyxian Tear, sign of Igtheon Miscellaneous
outermarkers a broad line of stone columns that mark the edge of The Hold Places
pa The introductory help of the Phantom Assassin event. Miscellaneous
painted.peddler A mysterious, wandering merchant Characters
palemoor An isle in River Trynd, near Trithik, a great battle took place there Places
palk Palk - The Great Warrior Spirit Named creatures
palo A hot drink common in the Northern Sryth. Items
palobread Bread made from palo Items
paloden A tavern-like establishment where palo is served. Places
pbm Palobread men, small creatures made from palobread Creatures
pg About the Proving Grounds. Game mechanics
pgorder The Order of Adventurers from the Proving Grounds Game mechanics
phaiglaesea (Not yet available, it was the scenario of Jodd Rolekst former pillages as a pirate). Places
phakrur Phak-Rur is the oldest and northernmost city in Tysa. Places
phiadon Oldest kingdom of the North Broadlands and biggest naval force. Places
porthallik Tysa's largest and busiest seaport. Most of the Tysian navy is harboured here. Places
protector The person responsible for overseeing the safety (and normally the governing affairs) of a town, village, or city. Tysian politics
pumpkin.warrior Pumpkin men. Creatures
qc Information about the Quick Combat feature. Game mechanics
ql Quick Links Game mechanics
queencheven Queen Laraon Cheven of Phiadon. Characters
quillbog A town on the southern edge of the Syrbryn Forest. Places
quickstone Information about the Quickstone Items
rabble Opposers to the Grand Sentry of Kardsen. Organizations
raeleppass The Raelep Pass is a much-used passage between the eastern outcropping of the Maeltar Mountains, and the southern spur of the Alspuins. This mountain pass has long provided travelers with a way to pass from Tysa into the Central Broadlands. Places
raker A type of venomous spider Creatures
ravenbone A rare, precious mineral believed to grant invincibility in combat. Items
ravenlith (Not yet available, it is the base city of the Night Wisperers) Places
ravenok Cruel, but comparatively-mindless humanoids with the oversized head of a raven Creatures
redleg The only known name of a notorious brigand whose rugged band of highwaymen long plagued travelers making their way along the ancient roads passing between the kingdoms of Tysa and Ryorsial. Characters
redwarren The town of Redwarren Places
redwolf The Redwolf of Sageholt is the name given to the savage two-legged wolf creature that is the supposed alter ego of Talderus Redborn. Named creatures
rhaknars.mad A deep dungeon in Fogbough Forest Places
rhokor Capital city of Phiadon Places
rine.beetle Blue-shelled beetles the size of a wolf, with potent ice breath. Creatures
rinebeast A strange, massive humanoid creature of unknown origin Creatures
rivertrynd The river that runs near Trithik and Mirgspil. Places
roastingbench The bench that runs near the fire in taverns Items
rokmokkara A haughty and boastful sword-for-hire. Characters
rootwine Is a strong, slightly sweet-tasting spirit made from the root of the yegorek vine. Sometimes called "the jitters". Items
rot.snail Creatures that feed upon the remains of living things Creatures
rotsnail Creatures that feed upon the remains of living things Creatures
rotworm Small creatures that devour wood Creatures
roustman Supporters of the Grand Sentry of Kardsen. Organizations
runeskin A blue-skinned ogre that has been appearing and breaking havoc around Tysa for the last seven hundred years. Named creatures
russledgrouse The Russled Grouse Places
ryorsial A once-powerful kingdom, now in chaos after the the murder of its ruling monarch, King Pilahn Places
ryorsialsbarons The five barons disputing over the power in Ryorsial Organizations
saarnsplit The Saarn Split Places
sageholt A small village near Talinus. Places
sbp Sryth Bonus Point, an old game mechanic Game mechanics
sbpbuy How to spend Sryth Bonus Points, an old game mechanic Game mechanics
scavenger A thief and explorer famous for acquiring numerous artifacts and rarities both for himself and for various clients throughout the realms. Characters
sea.dragon Marine species of dragon Creatures
seatrossk More powerful relatives of the trossks Creatures
sebaldin The capital city of the Kingdom of Ryorsial Places
sgi Saarngard Isle. Places
sgk Saarngaard Keep. Places
shadegoblin Shade goblin Creatures
shadow Shadow Creatures
shadow.minion Shadow Minion Creatures
shadowbeast A monster of shadow, ofter a hulking clawed beast Creatures
shadowdragon Powerful dragons, original wielders of Shadow Magic Creatures
shadowglen A vast and tangled ravine, located in the heart of Bentlimb Wood Places
shadowmage Mages trained in the rare discipline of Shadow Magic Miscellaneous
shadowmagic The Nevernal art of listening to, crafting and controlling shadows Miscellaneous
shadowpath Shadow Path Miscellaneous
shouldercross The most prominent gesture of respect and goodwill in Sryth, roughly equivalent to a handshake. Miscellaneous
shrine.isle Shrine Isle Places
signoftheseven A criminal organization from Mirgspil Organizations
silverclaw A certain intelligent breed of forest troll Creatures
silvercrest The Silver Crest. Organizations
silverstripe Large constrictor snakes Creatures
skargokk A demon who resides in the Silent Temple. Named Creatures
slimeant Slime Ants Creatures
slithering.menace Large, many-legged black insects whose mandibles can crush bone. Creatures
sludge.beast.tryndmoor.sewers A beast only found on Tryndmoor sewers Creatures
snaketongue A powerful sleep-inducing toxin Miscellaneous
solundor A legendary and impressively rich illusionist Characters
sonsofsyr A name for the descendants of the Aldvari. Races
sounding.oak Am old tree in Talinus Places
spider.troll A giant magical crossing of a forest troll and a giant spider Creatures
spiker Unfrequent humanoids covered in scales, with wide, fanged mouths Creatures
srythak A benevolent god revered in all of Sryth, called the All-Father Named creatures
stickleg Strange two-legged shelled woodland beings. Creatures
stone.troll A highly intelligent and more dangerous variety of troll that possess strong anti-magic auras. Creatures
stoneback Stoneback spiders grow to the size of a human palm, and are venomous. Creatures
stonebackhill Stoneback Hill Places
stoneconstruct Creatures of stone, summoned by Ironfist Creatures
stoneeater A large, rock-eating lizard Creatures
stoneskinfever Stoneskin Fever Miscellaneous
stoneslayer Fearsome beings formed out of solid stone that haunt many Nevernal realms . Creatures
stonesong A legendary horn, said to be able to turn giants to stone Items
stonyhills The place where Ironfist comes from Places
stormfield A small town located in Western Tysa, next to the Murk. Places
stumpstill Living and dangerous tree stumps Creatures
stumpturtle A turtle whose shell is shaped like a tree stump. Creatures
sundrensea The sea to the north of Northern Sryth. Places
swamp.giant A nasty kind of giant that hates humans Creatures
swamp.goblin A type of goblin that dwells in swamps Creatures
syr One of the most secluded and fortified cities of the Kingdom of Tysa Places
syrbryn The "Grand Golden Wood" as it is known throughout Tysa , stretches from the southeastern shores of Moonlyre Lake to the northern edge of Bellsong Slough . Places
syrhero A hero of legend hailed by Aldvari as the only true avatar of Srythak. Characters
takabak Man-sized predatory birds. Creatures
takyrth (Not yet available). Place of origin of the Burning Bladesmen Places
talderus Talderus Redborn. Characters
talinus The capital of the Kingdom of Tysa, also named the City of the Griffon Places
talonvale Talonvale Places
tallys General overview of Tallys Game mechanics
tanonwood A forest south of Talinus. Places
tarakirn General Tarakirn, old warmaster, spearheaded the conquest of Saarngard Isle Characters
targannar A semi-legendary warrior-mage, previous owner of Stonesong Characters
tarkhald Lord Tarkhald Characters
tar.lake An area in Central Tysa Places
tarn The lost City of Sorcerers Places
tarnhurn The sorcerer lord who ruled the long-ruined city-state of Tarn. Characters
tarnrat Tarnrats Creatures
tarramyre The ruins of an ancient Vorenthan temple. Places
tarungar Tarungar the Axe, a mountain goblin of particular infamy. Named Creatures
tarynia The youngest member of the Balewards. Characters
thanemonrell Thane Monrell is charged with Charna. Characters
thanepyrond Thane Pyrond, a notable warrior, oversees Trithik. Characters
thanequarith Thane Quarith is tasked with the law and order of Talinus. Characters
thanethorlarn Thane Thorlarn has recently been given the task of reclaiming and securing Saarngard Isle Characters
thanevale Thanevale Places
thanorians The inhabitants of Kyul-Thanor. Organizations
tharkyr The Tysian military commander of all of the forces gathered on Saarngard Isle. Characters
thefootings Ruins of an ancient temple Places
thehold The area of Saarngard Isle controlled by humans. Places
thehole The old gaol of Trithik Places
themurk Is the large swamp that borders Stormfield. Places
thorn.isle An isle on Lake Ironrain Places
thorngill A legendary marshlands creature. Named in Terror in Greenmarsh Named creatures
threetail A giant, three-tailed rat Named Creatures
thurnworm Giants wormlike insects with 8 legs. They dig tunnels. Creatures
thymbrak An adventurer usually on the Goblinclaw Inn. Characters
tli Tallys Limited Items Game mechanics
toa The Tome of Attainment Items
towerofanarain Residence of the Grey Mage in the heart of the city of Asphyr Places
towerofstars The highest point of the citadel of the King of Koth. Places
travel Overview of the Travel mechanics Game mechanics
tri.jaw Tri-Jaw Creatures
trithik Tysa's busiest riverport and a hive of crime, also called the Adderstone. Places
trivinter A former knight of the Gated Legion and now leader of the Vouldra's Course Characters
trollbont A special weapon devised for hunting trolls Items
trollsnake An hybrid of a snake and a swamp troll. Its skin is much sought after. Creatures
trossk A massive sea serpent with a pair of long white horns Creatures
troubleintarnsey An in-game hint from the GM Miscellaneous
trundengar An advisor to Thane Pyrond Characters
tuskrog A humanoid amphibious creature with the torso, head, and limbs of a large frog. Creatures
twin.blades The Twin Blades. Characters
tysa The Kingdom of Tysa Places
tysasthanes Each of the five Thanes have limited power upon a territory of Tysa. Tysian politics
tysianknight Warriors who have pledged to serve the King of Tysa Tysian politics
tzaril Tzaril, semi-humanoid serpents. Creatures
ulgror Ulgror, the immortal guardian spirit of Tar Lake. Named creatures
umbdurol The son of Umburek Baleward, and believed to have brought a curse on the castle. Characters
umborek Considered to be the last member of the Balewards, until recently. Characters
uprooter Powerful ogre-sized bipeds with the strength of seven forest trolls Creatures
ups A basic explanations of Skills and Powers Game mechanics
varkyn Legendary master mage, adventurer and trickster Characters
venom.tail The Venomtail is a hand-sized, armoured insect named for the deadly stinger on its long, spiny tail. Creatures
vile.possessor Vile Possessor, type of undead that can assume control over living creatures they come into contact with. Creatures
vorenthan One of the only two groups of humans to ever appear on Sryth. They cannot master magic. The only Vorenthan left live in Hadrigon. See also Aldvari Races
vorenthul Voren-Thul Creatures
vosk Vosk Places
vouldrascurse A dark brotherhood of thieves hailing from Syr Organizations
vyromar A master elementalist from Tarn Characters
warofsixkings (Not yet available, in the War of Six Kings, a united Hadrigon allied itself with Rethlyr the Defiler, the wicked sorcerer-king of Naralk. The free nations of Sryth ultimately defeated the combined forces of Naralk and Hadrigon, and in the aftermath the people of Hadrigon rose up and cast down their King, breaking the nation into the city-states that make up its political landscape today) Events
warofthesceptre (Not available, it was the war in which Naidor became separated from Tysa) Events
wayofqend An ancient highway running from Asphyr to Ziard Places
wildetoad Wildtoad Creatures
wind.warrior Wind Warrior Creatures
winteriron Winteriron Tree Miscellaneous
wintersigh This potent, blood-warming spirit can be found throughout the North Broadlands , but is most commonly quaffed in the Kingdom of Ryorsial , particularly during the colder months. Miscellaneous
witherer Witherers are undead who can drain their foe's strength with a touch Creatures
wogglor Frog-man Creatures
wolfkin Wolf-man creatures. Creatures
woodhulk Massive, grey-skinned humanoids Creatures
xymaulor Hybrids with the torso, arms and head of a goblin with the lower portion (abdomen and eight legs) of a massive black spider. Creatures
yeltham.crew A band of thieves and murderers, once part of the #nightwisperers Organizations
yir.tanon The ruins of the old temple of Yir-Tanon. Places
zaafyl A dusk dragon slain by Thane Pyrond Named creatures
zaerinforest (Not yet available, it's the southern limit of the Felrundin Range) Places
zaralg Zaralg The Vanquisher, a powerful undead. Named Creatures
zaramog Brother of Tarungar the Axe. Named Creatures
zardruzin Zardruzin, a knight from ancient times Characters
ziard A city in the Central Broadlands, notable for its harsh justice Places
zumryn An old but still powerful adventurer who runs the Battlegrounds Characters
zyralor A mighty adventurer from past times Characters

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