The southern section of the Kingdom of Tysa, also known as The Thanelands.

Syr Edit

Not yet playable. See Syr.

Thanevale Edit

Thanevale, the Valley of the Thanes, is a broad, thickly forested vale in Southern Tysa that is named in honour of the kingdom's Thanes. At the far end of the vale, up against the southern reaches of the Felrundin Range, sits the walled city of Syr—one of the most influencial (and wealthiest) cities in all of Tysa. One road, the Thane's Pike, runs from the gates of Syr to the mouth of the valley.

Wintereye LakeEdit

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Garsmyn the Horse Trader Edit

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The Copper WoodEdit

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Vault of the Iron DragonEdit

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The Longspur Downs Edit

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