Resting is a mechanic that can be done on SAFE locations (click on the "REST" button at the bottom of your screen).

Resting restores all your Stamina Points and Nevernal Reserve.

Having a quickstone allows to auto-rest, which is not exactly the same mechanic. Auto-rest restores your SP and NV, but does not trigger the rest of the mechanics (see below)

Messages Edit

When resting, you'll receive some special game messages.

  • Some of these messages are the same you get when Saving (Donating and such), but are in fact separate lists
  • You'll also be prompted to buy your Quickstone and Residence

Stoneskin fever Edit

This mechanic was live starting at March 18th 2008 and until some moment in 2010.

The players fell to a mysterious illness called Stoneskin Fever. The illness was acquired when passing through Trithik. It was not automatic but random. However, since the city is a virtually inescapable location for its number of related quests and mechanics, soon all adventurers had it.

When resting, the game gave messages about you having sudden feelings of tiredness and dizziness. These had no impact in gameplay. The mechanic was never fully developed.

The GM removed Stoneskin fever at some time in 2010

Ezerok Edit

While the encounter with Ezerok is currently unavailable, the mechanic is still live for those character who met him while he was live.

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