The Wandering Undead (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Used to be selectable at Character Startup
Description: The lonely country roads of western Tysa are even lonelier after dark...
Difficulty: Variable, sometimes as difficult as 9+ at MR 37.

Note: This quest is no longer available. There was a possibility to affect your powers.

General InformationEdit

This is one of the Startup Scenarios


Be a good adventurer and return the blue gemstone.


  • You have an (optional, if you flee you can skip it) encounter with some undead.
    • 6 Skeletons (9+ at MR 31-35 Variable, 33-34 variable SP, 9+ XP)
    • Caped Skeleton (9+ at MR 29-33 Variable, 30-31 variable SP, 17+ XP)
  • Then you find a hut. Using Divination (20+) will tell you it's evil and watched. You can ignore the hut (skipping the rewarding part) or investigate it.
  • If you investigate the hut you'll encounter an undead menace. Skipping it skips the rewards.
    • Rotting Undead Corpse (9+ at MR 34-38 Variable, 35-37 variable SP, 18+ XP),
      and you'll acquire a Glowing Blue Gemstone.
    • You can flee from this battle, but you skip any reward.
  • After the battle, you'll find a man who wants the gemstone. You can:
    • Flee (you keep the gem, which has no known use outside this quest)
    • Refuse to hand it over. You face two waves of undead:
      • 3 Staggering Corpses (9+ at MR 29-30 Variable, 29-30 variable SP, 10+ XP)
      • Blood-Stained Skeleton (9+ at MR 29-32 Variable, 30-31 variable SP, 18+ XP)
      • After the battles, you can explore the hut for 50-75 gold and an Enchanted Lantern. The lantern has no known use except as a light source.
    • Give the gemstone to the man. He'll throw a spell on you, and when you wake up you'll have:


Absolutely dependent on choices, see walkthrough.

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