The Trickster (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Used to be selectable at Character Startup
Description: He's a strange fellow with a tall, plumed hat...there might be more to this curious traveler than meets the eye...
Difficulty: Most options don't have any difficulty at all. The (slightly) most rewarding is 6+ at MR 34.

Note: This quest is no longer available.

General InformationEdit

This is one of the Startup Scenarios


Be docile, you're more dangerous than you look


You find a white-bearded man making interesting tricks. You can continue on you way to find Item: 464 Unidentified Ring which identifies as

 Item 465: Ring Of The Cat (Magical) Value: 4,000 gold Armour, Finger 

Encumbrance: 1
Agility: +2
Luck: +2
This piece of magical armour will protect your finger.

Or you can stay and watch the show. The man will try to hypnotize you after the show, and you will make a Random check (1-100 + Mind * 1 + Spirit * 1). 16 is a win. you DIE if you don't pass. losing is really hard unless you have low stats. After realizing what's happening, you can:

  • Attack the trickster: He gets scared and flees. You get Dagger, Leather Gloves and ~150 gold.
  • Leave: You get nothing. End of story
  • Pretend that you are under the man's control: You are conduced to 3 robbers (9+ at MR 27-29 Approx, 25 SP), Kill or subdue has only narrative difference. You get Dagger, several Wooden Club, and Leather Waistcoat, plus 330 gold and the satisfaction of giving this band of thugs and deceivers a good lesson.


Depending on route, see Walkthrough.

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