The Seven Knight Statues Informal Adventure

Location: Durnsig
Description: Free the spirits of the departed knights, and learn to always temper anger with compassion.
Requirements: None
Difficulty: 12+ scaled

General InformationEdit

  • Seven Statues is a small quest you can embark upon in Durnsig. Just explore the woodlands west of the village, follow the path to the clearing and put your hand on the plinth to access the statues.
  • You must defeat all seven knights seven times, but you can leave when you want and come back later. The knights already defeated stay defeated.
  • The clearing is a SAFE place, so you can rest and save there as much as you need.
  • Each time you defeat the seven knights, you'll find one of the available items lying on the plinth (in the listed order below). After you retrieve the item, the knights will be ready for another fight.

Difficulty Edit

The combats are scaled, so each knight's to-hit value will always be the same no matter what your MR is. However, each knight's stamina varies slightly, at random, from one combat to the next, as does the combat experience you receive for defeating them. However, they don't have a lot of SP, so they shouldn't be difficult to fight one by one, resting between the difficult encounters, provided you have a power - it's better if it's an unresistable one - at level 30+. Just remember to save often.

The Seven Knights

Fox 7+ 32-361
Wolf 8+ 34-381-2
Stag 9+ 36-372-3
Bear 11+42-462-6
Dragon 12+46-494-10

Items availableEdit

These items are very valuable to new adventurers, especially the Cape Of The Griffon, since there are very few freely available capes into the game.

 Item 107: Blade Of The Fox (Magical) Value: 4,500 gold Weapon, Slashing 

Encumbrance: 2
Melee Rating: +4
This enchanted longsword is incredibly light, but its blade is strong and ever-sharp. It makes no noise as it cuts through the air. The silhouette of a leaping fox has been inscribed on the blade. This weapon is of magical quality.
 Item 108: Gauntlets Of The Wolf (Magical) Value: 2,050 gold Armour, Hands 

Encumbrance: 3
Stamina Points: +1
Agility: +1
This thin pair of gauntlets is quite strong. The head of a wolf is inscribed on each one.
 Item 109: Helm Of The Stag (Magical) Value: 2,100 gold Armour, Head 

Encumbrance: 4
Stamina Points: +2
Spirit: +1
This large full helm has been inscribed with leaping stags on either side.
 Item 110: Ring Of The Serpent (Magical) Value: 2,250 gold Armour, Finger 

Encumbrance: 2
Stamina Points: +1
Aura: +1
This small plain silver ring has been inscribed with a coiled serpent.
 Item 111: Belt Of The Bear (Magical) Value: 2,550 gold Armour, Waist 

Encumbrance: 3
Stamina Points: +1
Might: +2
This thick leather belt has a large silver buckle onto which the head of a bear has been inscribed.
 Item 112: Shield Of The Dragon (Magical) Value: 1,500 gold Armour, Shield 

Encumbrance: 3
Melee Rating: +2
This ornate medium-sized metal shield is adorned with the inscription of a dragon's head.
 Item 113: Cape Of The Griffon (Magical) Value: 6,500 gold Armour, Back 

Encumbrance: 2
Melee Rating: +2
Stamina Points: +2
This flowing green cape has the head of a griffon embroidered on the back of it.


  • 256 XP final reward applied to general after receiving the Cape of the Griffon.

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