The Robed Troll (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Use to be selectable at Character Startup
Description: A magic-wielding forest troll in flowing blue robes? Now you've seen everything...
Difficulty: Either
  • 11+ at MR 35
  • Having Archery and a bow
  • No difficulty at all

Note: This quest is no longer available.

General InformationEdit

This is one of the Startup Scenarios


Archery is the way to go.


You encounter a magic-wielding troll who has just killed several border rangers. You can engage him or sneak past him, for two different mini-adventures:

If you engage him you can:

  • make a -8 Archery Skill check. you'll kill the troll if you pass.
  • Rush to him: He'll launch flaming bolts. You can try to dive clear standard Agility Stat check. lose~30 SP if you don't pass or use Fortification (no level required) for 16 specific XP before engaging him (9+ at MR 36-37 Approx, 40 SP).
  • Either way you kill him, you get the rewards (several units from Longsword, Longsword and Dagger, ~75 gold, and Unidentified Medallion, which identifies as
 Item 460: Lunar Medallion (Common) Value: 2,000 gold Armour, Neck 

Encumbrance: 4
Aura: +1
Mind: +1
This weighty medallion is in the shape of a crescent moon.

If you sneak away at the beginning, you'll find a half-buried box. Dig it out for Unidentified Ring. It identifies as:

 Item 458: Ring Of Fortitude (Magical) Value: 1,500 gold Armour, Finger 

Encumbrance: 1
Stamina Points: +2
This piece of magical armour will protect your finger.


Absolutely depending on choices, see Walkthrough

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