The Old Cathedral (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Mirgspil
Description: The time has come for a hero to explore the ruins of the Old Cathedral across the river from Mirgspil, and lay to rest the menace that grows with each passing day...
Difficulty: All enemies 3+ at MR 46

Note: Certain events may unlock a further adventure

General InformationEdit

The Old Cathedral is an almost ruined building in the riverport city of Mirgspil in Western Tysa

The city's magistrate was hoping to restore the old cathedral to its former glory, but it seems that a legion of undead have stopped him. The Cathedral was once at the centre of the ancient city of Tryntok, and it is the only building that has remained. The close associate of the magistrate, called Yirlo, can take you back and forth across the river to and from the Cathedral.

Tips Edit

  • If you want the best dagger...
    1. SAVE at the SAFE location after you've beat the 4 guardians
    2. Then, defeat the necromancer, and pick up the unidentified dagger.
    3. You can figure out if its the best in two ways:
      1. Complete the quest and identify the dagger (through Arcana or a Sage)
      2. Check the Item ID of the unidentified dagger you pick up. Item ID 524 (identifies to Item 525) is the best dagger you can receive from this scenario
    4. If you don't have the best one, you can QUIT, reload, and try again
  • You can go back to Mirgspil at any point and come back to the adventure using the "Return to the Old Cathedral" option.
  • Once you meet Nespii, choose to subdue her instead of killing her.

Map Edit

This map only shows the upper level.

Map the old cathedral

  • U = Stairs up
  • D = Stairs down (must defeat the guardians)
  • 1-4 = skeletal guardians, in order of difficulty

Text Directions Edit

  • Location 1

Center of the cathedral. SAFE spot. All other locations are given from this point.

  • Location 2: Guardian 1

Three West, Two North, Two East, One South, One West

  • Location 3: Guardian 2

Three North, One East, Two South, One East, One North

  • Location 4: Guardian 3

Three South, One West, Two North, One West, One South

  • Location 5: Guardian 4

Three East, One South, Two West, One South, One East

  • Location 6: Next level

Three South, Two East

In the lower level, all East


You must defeat all 4 guardians to open up the path to the lower level (see directions below). It's quicker if you follow the suggested order: NE, NW, SW, SE. (However, if you want to SAVE before fighting the Necromancer, the order is irrelevant, since you'll be coming from the save point)

The lower level is a straight line.

Example Random Enemies
  • Ghoul Lord (9+ at MR 34-35 Approx, 35 SP)
  • 2 Greater Ghouls (9+ at MR 34 Exact, ?? SP)
  • 3 Greater Ghouls (9+ at MR 37-39 Approx, ?? SP)
  • 3 Roaming Skeletons (9+ at MR 30-31 Approx, 30 SP)
  • Staggering Ghoul (9+ at MR 28-29 Approx, ?? SP)
  • Decaying Corpse (9+ at MR ??-33 Approx, <25 SP)
  • Wailing Apparition (9+ at MR 40-41 Approx, 40 SP)

Fixed Location Enemies Edit

  • NW enemy (1): Skeletal Acolytes (9+ at MR 25-26 Approx, 30 SP)
  • NE enemy (2): 4 Skeletal Priests (9+ at MR 29 Exact, 30 SP)
  • SW enemy (3): Skeletal High Priest (9+ at MR 34 Exact, 30 SP)
  • SE enemy (4): Skeletal Arch Priest (9+ at MR 40-41 Approx, 30 SP)

Final chamber Edit

If you try to flee, you'll encounter 6 skeletons (9+ at MR 32 Exact, 30 SP, 5+ XP), can't FLEE.

If you hold your ground, you'll face 3 Apprentice Necromancers (9+ at MR 34 Exact, 40 SP, 17+ XP), you have to attack 1 time before you can flee

After that you'll face the chief necromancer.

  • You can
    • Shoot him with Archery - Random check (1-100 + Archery * 0.25). 40 or more needed to pass. 8 specific xp if you pass. You face Floating Bone Sphere (9+ at MR 39 Exact, ~36 SP, 9+ XP), can't FLEE, if you don't pass
    • Use Telekinesis/Destruction - 16 specific xp
    • Charge forward and attack the necromancer
  • Regardless, he flees

Once finished with the confrontation, you'll find a dagger in the chamber (which is one of these at random, initially unidentified). It's recommended to reload until you get item ID 524 for the Dagger of Nightmares.

 Item 521: Dagger Of Dark Dreams (Magical) Value: 3,250 gold Weapon, Stabbing 

Encumbrance: 2
Melee Rating: +3
Nevernal Reserve: +1
Aura: +1
This weapon is of magical quality.
 Item 523: Dagger Of Waking Dread (Magical) Value: 3,750 gold Weapon, Stabbing 

Encumbrance: 2
Melee Rating: +3
Nevernal Reserve: +2
Aura: +1
This weapon is of magical quality.
 Item 525: Dagger Of Nightmares (Magical) Value: 5,000 gold Weapon, Stabbing 

Encumbrance: 2
Melee Rating: +4
Nevernal Reserve: +3
Aura: +1
This weapon is of magical quality.

Then you're free to take up some loot, but you'll be interrupted by a thief woman, Nespii.

  • You can use Telekinesis /Fortification /Diplomacy (all 1+) for 8 specific xp. Diplomacy requires a Random check (1-100 + Diplomacy * 0.25). 40 or more needed to pass.
    • If your Diplomacy fails, make a Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1). 50 or more needed to pass. You lose some SP (12 observed) if you don't pass.
  • Regardless, you attack her:

Nespii the Thief Edit

If you subdue Nespii (9+ at MR 33-39 Variable, 25-30 SP, 17+ XP), you have to attack 2 times before you can flee, drops random loot when defeated instead of killing her, you get access to a short adventure called So We Meet Again.

After this fight, follow the story for your final rewards.

Rewards Edit

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