The Last Trek Out Formal Adventure?

Location: Axepath Cemetery
Description: Out of the wall of mist before you emerges a man whose stumbling gait and ragged, blood-soaked attire instantly has you believing he is yet another of the hideous, risen dead that prowl Axepath...
Requirements: None
Difficulty: Story only.

Note: This is technically a non-AG quest, but the locations it adds to Axepath are AG-only.

General Information Edit

You meet an injured man within Axepath Cemetery who introduces himself as Teneroot. He hands you a Jagged Tablet Fragment, tells you where he believes the remainder of the tablet to be, then makes his "last trek out of Axepath." No rolls, checks, or choices are available or necessary; you can't even ignore, avoid, or refuse the tablet. Simply read what Teneroot has to say.

Prerequisites Edit


Rewards Edit

Unlock an extra scenario within The Graveyard at Axepath Cemetery.

The Laurel Thicket Edit

After you've received a description from Teneroot, you have an option to "Investigate a path winding off into a laurel thicket..." while going through Axepath.

If you proceed, you come to a clearing with three stone monuments, a tiered plinth, and a cloaked, hooded figure carrying a shovel. If you enter the clearing, a legion of skeletal undead claw their way out of their graves, leading to combat (eight opponents, scaled, ranging from 7+ to 9+ or higher). This area appears to have been added sometime November 22nd 2011, with details about options and encounters in Talk for now until the new area's mechanics are better understood.

Once you use Teneroot's tablet, you get an image of an axe in briars.

If you proceed further, you will face a Grave Warden, scaled at 12+.

The Stony Path Edit

After defeating the lone Caped Skeleton, instead of proceeding into the tomb or climbing the hill to the east, you may also be offered an opportunity to investigate a stony path which leads west around the tomb. This area was also added on or around November 22nd 2011. At the moment, there are no encounters, checks, conversations, skill/power prompts, or other options associated with this path, and attempting to use skills/powers un-prompted did not generate any useful responses.

Update: On 4/10/2012, If you approach the Laurel Thicket scenario, above, and approach the Left Grave, Right Grave, and Middle Grave, you will get an image of a Mother, Father, and Child being "released." They leave you "Chisel and Hammer (Glowing)"

Using the Chisel and Hammer on the Stony Path, they go to work on marking the unnamed graves that you eventually arrive to. Once the description of the carving is complete, you get 1024 Exp To General (each time you complete this scenario, it will give less experience).

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