The Haunted Tower of Thorn Isle (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Irongard
Description: You are tasked with recovering an undying flame. And you're not the first one who stepped up to the task...
Requirements: none
Difficulty: All required fights are scaled, highest is 11+
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Note: Part of the Halloween 2011 event. Still available but the rewards have been slightly reduced.

General Information Edit

Part of the Halloween 2011 event. Related forum thread.

Tips Edit

An anti-undead weapon will be very useful here.

Walkthrough Edit

Prologue Edit

First, Explore Irongard until you encounter an elderly, bearded man, who evades your attempts to speak with him.

Once you've encountered him, go back to Irongard. Enter the Elder's Eye Tavern. When you try to exit, you'll be approached by a certain patron. He will ask for your help in retrieving a mystical flame.

That encounter lets you Explore Thorn Isle (the link will be on the main Irongard screen).

Thorn Isle Edit

See Explore Thorn Isle for details.

Epilogue Edit

Exit the tower and go back to Irongard. Enter the tavern. When you try to go out, you'll see Elborin in his usual table.

You deliver the flame-filled jar, and receive half of a torn scroll. The scroll matches the one you found on Thorn Isle, after the fight of the ghosts with the young Elborin. If you fled (and thus skipped) that encounter, your missing half will be automatically provided.

Until January 13, 2012 you received
 Item 12185: Scroll Of The Horseman Misc 

Encumbrance: 1
This umblemished sheet of parchment, fitted with two length of silver thread that may be tied to keep it furled, is the legendary Scroll of the Horseman.

Dominating the centre of this ancient, enchanted scroll is the crudely-inked silhouette of a man seated atop a sturdy horse. The rider appears to be depicted in the act of drawing a sword.
Surrounding the silhouette are numerous strange runes, inked in black.
To activate one of the bonuses this scroll provides, click Activate Bonus when you're in a SAFE location.

As of January 14, 2012, you receive +1 MR and SP and 512 general xp.

Completion reward until the end of November 2011
  • 4,096 General XP
  • 1024 AS&P XP
Completion reward after November 2011
  • 2048 General XP
  • 256 AS&P XP

Rewards Edit

Halloween 2011

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