The Blood of Zardruzin (AG) Formal Adventure?

Location: Goblinclaw Inn
Description: One wintry night at the Goblinclaw Inn...
Requirements: Must have completed the Vault of the Iron Dragon.
Difficulty: Required battles of 9+ at MR 130
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.

Prerequisites Edit

This adventure is unlocked by the events of Vault of the Iron Dragon. After you get the 7 wand fragments, go talk with the Guildmaster. This will trigger an event in Goblinclaw Inn in the form of an Adventure in "Adventures for This Location" in the Common Room. The rest of this page gives the detail about this adventure


Obtaining the Map Edit

After meeting Nomruk in the common room you will be subject to a series of options. As the options are very branched, here we only show a summary:

  • If you choose to not take chances, you pay 10,000 gold to Nomruk and receive the Map to Zardruzin's Lair.
  • If you follow Trundengar, you can:
    • Pay him for the coins: 5,000 gold, with Diplomacy 60+ you can lower it to 3,000
    • Snatch the coins from him, using a skill or power - Illusion (60+, 16 XP), Elementalism (50+, 8 XP), Shadow Magic (70+, 24 XP), Thievery (70+, 24 XP) or Unarmed Combat (70+, 24 XP). All tested. If any check fails, you can still bargain with him.
    • Fight with him for them. Trundengar (9+ at MR 150 Exact, 250 SP, 65 XP), frequent 10-25 SP special attack. You can Subdue him for a greater XP reward, or kill him for: Unmatched Longsword and Dagger, Exceptional Dagger, Unidentified Platinum Ring and Unidentified Platinum Ring (shown identified below). If you lose to him he leaves and you are left with no choice but to pay for the map.
    • Change your mind and go back inside without obtaining the coins.

After you get the coins (by any means), you can either:

  • Give the coins to Nomruk and receive the Map to Zardruzin's Lair.
  • Keep the coins: you pay 10,000 gold to Nomruk and receive the Map to Zardruzin's Lair.

If you fail to get the coins you have no choice but to pay the 10,000 gold. The Pouch Of Copper Coins has no known use and is thus a loose end.

After obtaining the Map To Zardruzin's Lair, you spend the night in the inn and then go to the Dungeon.



Map The Blood of Zardruzin

  • E: Entry point
  • V1, V2: Verses
  • 1: Massive Slime
  • 2: Shattered vial
  • 3: Dead End
  • 4: Stone Plinth

Text Directions
  • All direction are from the Entry Point
  • Directions as North, East, South, West
  • Verses: 1E, 2S, 1E and 6E, 2S, 2W
  • Location 1: 1E, 2S, 1W, 4S, 5E
  • Location 2: 1E, 2S, 1W, 4S, 4E, 1N
  • From Location 2 to Location 1: 1S, 1 E
  • Location 3: 6E, 2S, 1W, 2S, 1E, 1S
  • Location 4: 1E, 2S, 1W, 2S, 3E, 1N

You can fully rest (SP and NvR) at the dungeon's entry point, but you can't exit the dungeon until you've finished your mission. There is also no SAFE point.

The versesEdit

These are the verses that give you a clue:

"A cursed beast, now left to crawl,
These tunnels in the gloom;
A place of peace, at last no sound,
These passages my tomb..."
"Until the day this spell shall break,
Afflicted lives my soul;
Its splinters sleep upon the stone,
My blood to make it whole."

The Dungeon Guide Edit

You can find random Grey Slime (9+ at MR 65 Exact, 150 SP) on the dungeon. There are 24 of them and the adventure itself recommends that you find and defeat them all before attempting to... (the hint doesn't give you any more information). A counter of the number of Grey Slimes remaining is shown each time you defeat one of them. You should start doing so.

When they're all slain, go to Location 2, pick the Shattered Vial, and from there go to Location 1. You will find a Massive Grey Slime (9+ at MR 130 Exact, 600-3000 SP, 128-129 XP), unfrequent 10-15 SP special. Its SP varies depending on the number of roaming Grey Slimes left in the dungeon. When there is none, it has "just" 600 SP. For each living roaming Grey Slime you must add +100 SP, up to a whopping grand total of 3000 SP when the dungeon is just opened. (strange; but you still get the random grey slimes with the counter - xx remaining - even if you kill the massive slime before killing all 23 grey ones, and even after killing Zardruzin).

At Location 1 there are two more things to do: After you beat the slime, USE the Glowing Wand Fragments on the now visible mirror. 256 General XP for doing so. After you've seen what remains of Zardruzin, USE the Shattered Vial on the mirror. This time you get 384 General XP and the Glittering Vial.

Next, go to Location 3, what was empty before this, and USE the Glowing Wand Fragments. You get 256 General XP and a fight against Zardruzin (cursed) (9+ at MR 75 Exact, 100 SP, 65+ XP), you have to attack ? times before you can flee.

Next, go to Location 4, the Small Alcove with the Stone Plinth, USE the Glowing Wand Fragments (to put them on the plinth) and then USE the Glittering Blood-Filled Vial. You get 512 general XP and the Wand of Dragonfire.

To open the exit of the dungeon, go back to the Mirror (Location 1) and USE the Wand of Dragonfire. You receive 512 General XP. Then go back to the entrance: the door will now open.

The reward for completing the adventure is 3072 General XP and 1024 XP to All Skills and Powers.

Reward SummaryEdit

  • 16 XP to Diplomacy (60+) if you use it to bargain with Trundengar to reduce the price from 5000 to 3000 gold
  • Trundengar 17+ with MR 134; 12+ with MR 147 - 72-80 combat exp if you don't use any powers
  • 16 XP to Illusion (60+), or 8 XP to Elementalism (50+), or 24 XP to Shadow Magic (70+)/Thievery (70+)/Unarmed Combat (70+) if you used to "borrow" the Pouch of Copper Coins
  • 1+ combat exp for each of the 24 slimes you need to kill before facing the big one
  • 130 combat exp for defeating the Massive Slime (only after defeating all of the small ones)
  • 256 general XP when you use the wand fragments at the mirror
  • 384 general XP when you use the Shattered Vial at the mirror and obtain the Glittering Vial
  • 256 general XP when you use the wand fragments when you use them at the dead end passage
  • 65+ combat exp for defeating Zardruzin
  • 512 general XP when you use the blood and restore the Wand of Dragonfire
  • Wand of Dragonfire
  • 512 general XP when you use the Wand of Dragonfire at the mirror
  • Reward for completion: 3072 General XP and 1024 to All Skills and Powers

Trundengar's Rings Edit

These are the stats of the Identified versions of the rings you can get from Trundengar. At the level required for this adventure, you'll probably have better ones already, but who knows? That decision, like every other one, is yours to make.

 Item 1407: Platinum Ring Of Mettle (Magical) Value: 6,500 gold Armour, Finger 

Encumbrance: 1
Melee Rating: +2
Stamina Points: +2
This enchanted platinum ring once belonged to the master adventurer, Trundengar, who met a violent end at your hands one snowy evening outside the Goblinclaw Inn.
 Item 1409: Ring Of Greater Valour (Magical) Value: 11,000 gold Armour, Finger 

Encumbrance: 1
Melee Rating: +1
Stamina Points: +4
Agility: +1
Body: +1
Might: +1
Spirit: +1
This enchanted platinum ring once belonged to the master adventurer, Trundengar, who met a violent end at your hands one snowy evening outside the Goblinclaw Inn.

The Wand of Dragonfire Edit

 Item 1413: Wand Of Dragonfire Misc 

Encumbrance: 0
This long iron wand, its surface engraved with swirling flames, is the Wand of Dragonfire -- the powerful weapon wielded by the legendary knight Zardruzin. Little is known about this artifact.
Note: This item can be Used in combat

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