Proving Grounds V - The Silver Crest (AG) Formal Adventure?
Location: Trithik, the coach route from Trithik to Talinus, Grimswick, Pirth-Starn, and other locations.
Description: Legends from a bygone era, the three brave adventurers who constitute the fabled band known as the Silver Crest now maintain a litany of aches, pains, and complaints nearly as long as their list of illustrious deeds. Perhaps you can help restore the Crest to its former glory -- not that they need any help, mind you -- I mean they're as good as they ever were -- better, in fact -- just so we're straight on that...
Requirements: Fullbrak's Farm and The Takabak
Saga: Proving Grounds, The Silver Crest
Difficulty: Recommended MR/SP: With MR 123 most opponents are 3+ to hit; 130+ Stamina; Shadow Magic (60+) for last half
This quest gives a chance to earn xp to all skills and powers.
This quest gives a chance to earn Adventurer Tokens.
Note: This is not an "Adventures for This Location" quest. It can be accessed from any Proving Grounds location.
  • Added: 18th June 2007

Part 1 - Hall of the Hobbled Edit

A surprisingly fierce run-in with an "evil spirit" has left the three longstanding members of the Crest battered and in bad spirits... looks as if you're on your own from here on out...

A Kurnok? Edit


Opt for the longer route, investigate, rescue the captive and "turn away" from the Kurnok.


Choose a route

  • If opting for the shorter route through Maiden's Wood...
    • Dhormuk (9+ at MR 60 Exact, 100 SP, 33 XP)
    • 2 Dhormuk (9+ at MR 75 Exact, 125 SP, 33 XP)
    • 3 Dhormuk (9+ at MR 90 Exact, 175 SP, 33 XP)
    • You have a break here to use Restoration before the next battle, or you can flee.
    • Ancient Dhormuk (9+ at MR 100 Exact, 225 SP, 33 XP)
    • reward: Random piece of Unmatched Plate Armor.
  • If opting for the longer route through the Crown Hills...

Then you'll have to choose between waiting for the next day or not.

  • If you go directly to the cave, you'll continue to the dungeon.
  • If you wait, your SP is restored to full, and then you go to the dungeon

The dungeon:

  • E - Entrance
  • K - The Kurnok

PG V Stage1 A Kurnok Map

A simple dungeon with only two branches, and both lead to the encounter with the Kurnok.

When you encounter it, you must choose a strategy:

  • Stand perfectly still (Rynduil's advice)...
  • Turn away from the Kurnok (Pryhan's advice)...
    • Kurnok (9+ at MR 75 Exact, 150 SP, 33 XP), 15 SP special
  • Leap forward and attack the beast (Idriskkar's advice)...
    • Dodge an attack by the kurnok's streaking barbed tail - Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1). 50 or more needed to pass...
      • Success: Kurnok (9+ at MR 75 Exact, 150 SP, 33 XP), 15 SP special
      • Failure: loss of some sp(8sp tested)Kurnok (9+ at MR 84-85 Approx, 150 SP, 33 XP), 15 SP special
    • Flee immediately - you need to pass a check (Agility check?). If you fail you lose some Stamina (22 in my case) and then you are forced to engage the beast
Completion reward

Stumped Edit

This is a simple adventure with map.

Blue - Entrance
Red - Massive Stumpstill (9+ at MR 80 Exact, 125 SP, 65 XP)
PG V Part1 Stumped Map

Each time you move, you may encounter a Stumpstill (9+ at MR 65 Exact, 125 SP, 2-8 XP), ~10-15 SP special attack. If you flee from any of them, you end up at the entrance point.

You can fight as many or as few as you like until you encounter the Massive Stumpstill (9+ at MR 80 Exact, 125 SP, 65-66 XP), ~8-14 SP special attack. Once you beat it, the rest of the smaller stumpstills retreat. You get 50 gold tokens for your work, and the woodcutters invite you to dinner.

After dinner, they will challenge you to drink. You'll have to consecutively pass four checks. The old Body checks were replaced in 2016.

  • Random check (1-100 + Body * 1). 40 or more needed to pass.
  • Random check (1-100 + Body * 1). 45 or more needed to pass.
  • Random check (1-100 + Body * 1). 50 or more needed to pass.
  • Random check (1-100 + Body * 1). 55 or more needed to pass.

If you win, they double the agreed-upon fee - you receive 50 additional gold tokens and 64 general XP. Otherwise, you miss the chance for an additional reward and the competition ends with no harm done."

Completion reward
  • 64 general XP

The Lost Bracelet Edit

You find "a young, stocky man with a rather unkempt beard" being ambushed by some trolls. You can:

After this, the man introduces himself as Purtwin

or Purtswin
Both spellings appear on consecutive pages/"game sections"), and gives you the bracelet you were looking for.
  • On page 9068: Purtswin
  • p.9069: Purtwin, twice
  • p.9084: Purtswin, thrice
  • p.9236: Purtswin again
  • p.9320: Purtswin twice more)

Suddenly, a dozen trolls attack you, and he flees. You can:

  • Use Archery (30+) for 16 Archery XP, and you slay a pair of trolls. Then fight:
    • 4 Forest Trolls (9+ at MR 62-63 Approx, 90-95 SP, 1 XP)
    • 5 Forest Trolls (9+ at MR 72-80 Variable, 100-119 SP, 1 XP), can't FLEE
    • You can flee or fight the remaining troll:
      • Massive Forest Troll (9+ at MR 70-75 Variable, 118-122 SP, 33 XP), special attack, a raking swipe, can cost you ~11 SP and you find 3 Adventurer Tokens on its corpse.
      • Flee: (unknown result)
  • Fight the trolls:
    • 5 Forest Trolls (9+ at MR 80-81 Approx, 100 SP)
    • 6 Forest Trolls (9+ at MR 87-89 Approx, 100 SP), 10 SP special
    • Then see above for choices concerning the last troll.
  • Flee (unknown result)
Completion reward

The Destroyer Crab Edit

You arrive at the village of Teyn-Bri and meet Moxxir, the head of the local militia.

  • If you go to the farm, you'll find 4 Outlaws (Subduing fight, 9+ at MR 45 Exact, 50 SP, 1 XP) and then the Gexarog.
  • If you go to the rock ledges, a shower of debris falls toward you and you can:

Once you meet the Destroyer Crab, you can:

  • Use Gating (40+)/Illusion (30+)/Elementalism (50+)/Archery (40+) for 32 specific XP and fight the Gexarog (wounded) (9+ at MR 65-72 Variable, 225-231 SP, 65 XP)
  • Hold your ground and engage the Gexarog... Gexarog (9+ at MR 75 Exact, 275 SP, 65 XP)
Completion rewards
  • 100 gold coins
  • 64 general XP

The Beast of Lopturn Bog Edit

Idriskkar has been attacked, and is your duty to attend to the latest call for help at the Silver Crest - the beast of Lopturn Bog has been spotted again. At Lopturn, you're greeted by the mayor, Ulir Pawnry.

  • If you go out in the boat:
    • If you search the cove, 32 xp to Elementalism (40+)/Telekinesis (40+)/Woodsmanship (40+) when used against the spiders
    • 64 xp to Seamanship (20+) when used to stabilize the boat, and then fight Ancient Trossk (9+ at MR 105 Exact, 200 SP, 68 XP)
    • If you then search for the trossk's lair:
  • If you search the woods:
    • Random check (1-100 + Luck * 1 + Woodsmanship * 2.0). 161 is a win. Find the beast's cave if you pass. Probably search the lake with the rowboat if you don't pass
    • If you search the cave, you'll face an ancient trossk. You can:
      • Use Illusion (30+)/Gating (30+)/Archery (30+) for 16 specific XP, or Necromancy (50+) for 32 specific XP and then face Ancient Trossk (wounded) (9+ at MR 100 Exact, 175-181 SP, 65 XP)
      • Hold your ground and face the Ancient Trossk (9+ at MR 105 Exact, 200 SP)
    • 1000-2000 gold tokens
    • 2 Adventurer Tokens

After you return to the Silver Crest headquarters, you find that Rynduil has also been attacked, although he's not badly hurt.

Completion reward
  • 200 gold coins
  • 128 general XP

Part 2 - A Confederation of Shadow Edit

Something sinister slinks through the shadows of Trithik, as cruel, distant eyes quietly rest their piercing gaze upon the Silver Crest...

Note: With a MR of 123 all opponents, aside from Traeltok, are 3+ to hit

An Evening in Late Summer Edit

Pryhan and you are returning to the Silver Crest headquarters. You have to decide which way to go.

  • If you choose to take Lost Oak, you see a brutal man ill-treating a woman:
    • You or Pryhan scare the brutal man away. She offers a charm, and you can use Divination for 32 XP. You'll be told that one or more skill or power can be used, but you won't be explicitly presented with the option. Doing so prevents you from using Shadow Magic or Thievery on the manacles.
    • If you accept the charm:
      • 32 XP to Shadow Magic (30+) or 64 XP to Thievery (50+) if used to free yourself from the manacles
      • If you try to break free or fail the Shadow or Thievery check: Random check (1-100 + Might * 1). 50 or more needed to pass. Unknown result if you don't pass
    • If you decline taking the charm or after freeing yourself from the manacles, the woman will draw a long lightning iron rod and you must either:
      • Use Fortification (40+) for 32 XP to block the lightning bolt
      • Roll a Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1 + Body * 5). Dodge the lightning bolt if you pass
    • When confronted, your enemies melt into shadows and you hurry up to headquarters
  • If you choose to take Karrif's Way, you're attacked with bolts of lightning:
    • 32 XP to Fortification (40+)/Gating (50+)/Illusion (50+) when used to avoid or block the lightning bolts. (Illusion doesn't do anything) (Gating and Fortification tested)
    • You can try to reach cover Random check (1-100 + Luck * 1 + Agility * 1 + Thievery * 2.0). 153 is a win

When you reach the Silver Crest headquarters, you're attacked with smoke. You can:

Completion reward
  • 64 general XP

An Unexpected Return Edit

Your mysterious customer (Halanne) returns to explain her story, when you are attacked again by the masked figures:

  • 32 XP to Fortification (40+)/Telekinesis (50+)/Elementalism (50+) when used to avoid the lightning bolt
  • Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1). 50 or more needed to pass to dodge it without using powers
  • Masked Assailant (9+ at MR 100 Exact, 165-191 SP, 33 XP), 9-16 SP frequent special, can't FLEE
Completion reward

128 general XP


No battles. This scenario is purely back story.

Completion reward
  • 128 general XP

The Long Shadows Edit

Warning: Once you do this section, Teek's shop in Blade Square is no longer accessible. Be sure you've finished your business there first.

The text of this story has a slight difference depending on if you have or have not Shadow Magic yet.

If you have it
"I know that you are versed in this craft as well," she continues. "That should help make things a bit easier later on. When there is time, I can help to hone your skill with it."
If you don't have it
"I know you are not versed in this craft," she says, "but should there prove to be time, I will see to it that you acquire it, for it will help make things a bit easier later on."

You'll be forced out of the coach by a shadow and lose some SP (6-11 SP). Then you'll be questioned by Traeltok. You can:

  • Use Telekinesis (50+)/Unarmed Combat (40+)/Thievery (50+) against Traeltok for 32 XP
  • Attempt to regain your feet: Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1 + Luck * 1). 106 is a win. 98 is a fail. You take no damage if you pass. You regain your feet but take ~17 SP damage if you don't pass

After this, you have the option to engage Traeltok or flee (recommended):

  • You should not engage Traeltok (9+ at MR 150 Exact, 175 SP, ~130 XP), can resist some powers unless you're able to defeat him, which only yields combat XP (57 XP, using Powers). NOTE: Even if you do lethal combat with him and lose, Traeltok will not kill you, and you do not suffer a defeat for this section.
  • While you are fleeing, you'll have to endure a psionic attack: Random check (1-100 + Mind * 1 + Aura * 1 + Spirit * 2.0). 101 is a win. No damage if you pass. Failure result in heavy (87 recorded) damage.
Completion reward
  • 64 general XP

The Road to Talinus: Waylaid in Whitebell Edit

This is a short episode, with just story and some battles.

  • NOTE: These four combats happen in close succession and you have no chance to heal between them.
  • Masked Assailant (9+ at MR 80 Exact, 125 SP, 33-34 XP), 5 SP special, can't FLEE
  • Masked Assailant (9+ at MR 85 Exact, 135 SP, 33 XP), 5 SP special, can't FLEE
  • Masked Assailant (9+ at MR 90 Exact, 145 SP, 33-34 XP), 5 SP special, can't FLEE
  • Shadowbeast (9+ at MR 100 Exact, 125-151 SP, 33-40 XP), 15 SP special, can resist some powers
Completion reward
  • 128 general XP

The Road to Talinus: The Lights of Sagemorn Edit

Halanne and you find a blockade with a dozen militia men who seem to be searching for some murderers: the both of you. You can:

  • Attempt to get past the men and escape:
  • Attempt to convince the men you're not murderers: Random check (1-100 + Diplomacy * 1 + Luck * 1). 100 or more needed to pass. You're told Traeltok took the right fork and are allowed to continue if you pass. You are left with the remaining two options if you don't pass. No XP awarded for either outcome
  • Attempt to subdue the dozen men: You'll face 7 Armed Militia (Subduing fight, 9+ at MR ??-69 Approx, 65 SP), can't FLEE

After the blockade, you'll find a fork in the road. You can use Divination (50+)/Woodsmanship (50+) for 32 specific XP

  • If you choose the right fork: Random check (1-100 + Luck * 1). 114 is a win. 78 is a fail. Avoid lightning blasts if you pass. Get hit for 35-60+ SP if you don't pass. No XP awarded for either outcome
  • If you choose the left fork: Nothing happens
Completion reward
  • 128 general XP

The Road to Talinus: A Narrow Escape Edit

On the road, you find the annual Pheasant Festival of Hapsbryn. You have an encounter with a strange boy who foretells a bit of your future. After that encounter, you're ensnared by a seemingly innocent accident.

  • 5 consecutive battles with a Masked Assailant (9+ at MR 80 Exact, 125-140 SP, 9-10 XP), 4-16 SP special, can't FLEE

Immediately after the battles, two undead sorcerers throw more lightning bolts at you. You can either:

Just as a dozen more assailants prepare to attack you, unexpected reinforcements come in the form of a brightly decorated wagon that disperses your enemies. The driver, a diminutive figure clad in a grey cloak, asks the two of you to jump aboard if you pass a Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1 + Might * 1 + Luck * 1 + Thievery * 1 + Horsemanship * 1). 113 is a win. The driver is revealed as the boy who foretold your future, and then disappears. Halanne and you part ways, to meet at the town of Grimswick.

Completion reward
  • 128 general XP

The Road to Talinus: A Step AheadEdit

You get to the town of Tor-Tinnar, near Talinus. A thin, nervous man who introduces himself as Coalmyr offers you a ride on his wagon in exchange for protection. You get 25 gold tokens for your horse.

As you approach Eagleneck Bridge, you are ambushed by more masked assailants. NOTE: These four combats happen in close succession, but you have a chance to heal after the first 2 fights.

  • Two battles with 2 Masked Assailants (9+ at MR 85 Exact, 145-161 SP, 17-18 XP), 5-12 SP special, can't FLEE
  • Two battles with Shadowbeast (9+ at MR 100 Exact, 125-158 SP, 17-33 XP), frequent 7-14 special attack, can't FLEE, can resist some powers (reward is 15 specific XP for each foe, using Powers)
Completion reward
  • 128 general XP

The Road to Talinus: Shaking Pursuit Edit

After a short rest in the town of Duir-South, you continue on through the countryside with Coalmyr, and finally arrive in Talinus. Coalmyr warns that you're being followed. Parting from him, you try to lose the men who follow you, and when it seems that you've finally succeeded, you start to make your way towards Grimswick. Having nearly reached the village, you're attacked by a massive, black shadow dragon. You can:

After that failed sneak attack, the dragon assaults you with its black flame breath. You can:

Completion reward
  • 256 general XP

The Eye of The Storm Edit

A brief recess to rest, as this part is only story. You meet with Halanne and Harrakyr, who is revealed to be the one of the men following you in Talinus. The other man is revealed as none other than Rynduil. He confides that Pryhan and Idriskkar have fallen to Magraxxa's mind control, and that they arrived at the secret place you're at by the advice of the same young urchin who aided Halanne and you. They present you with a thin book with a worn leather cover. An ornate but tarnished brass clasp holds the book closed, and your name is stitched on the cover with silvery thread. As you grasp the book, it opens to reveal a large black gem. The young boy also appears, to finally reveal himself as Nirith. He imparts upon you that he will soon die and can no longer act by himself due to his frail health. He commissions you to find the fabled Eye of Arngaror: a large, enchanted emerald which Nirith believes has the power to counteract and dispel mind-affecting magic. That artifact will be the undoing of Magraxxa's plans to dominate the whole of the North Broadlands. Finally, he reveals that the black gem is a stone of conveyance, and upon your touch you're invested with part of the old master's knowledge.

You receive 16,384 XP to Shadow Magic -- if you do not already possess that power, you will gain it at level 10 and then receive the experience. This will also increase your Stats to the required levels for wielding magic, if they were previously too low. Moreover, the stone has imparted to you a window into Nirith's own spirit, through which he hopes to be able to aid you as best he can, even when he is no longer among the living.

Completion reward
  • 256 general XP

A Warm Welcome Edit

  • 0 XP to Divination (50+) when used when encountering the fire giant.

You meet a fire giant.

  • If you choose to stand in his hand:
    • Try to dodge his hammer - Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1 + Luck * 2). 150 is a win. You lose ~5 SP and try to flee if you pass. You lose ~217 SP if you don't pass.
  • If you choose to fight him:
    • Fire Giant (9+ at MR 108 Exact, 200-203 SP, 17-20 XP), 18-19 SP special attack, can't FLEE
  • If you choose to flee:

Your path is blocked by a flame river.

Completion reward
  • 256 general XP

The Court of the Spider KingEdit

  • 1st Fire Guardian (9+ at MR 90 Exact, 100 SP, 17 XP), can't FLEE
  • 2nd Fire Guardian (9+ at MR 100 Exact, 150-152 SP, 33-34 XP), can't FLEE
  • 3rd Fire Guardian (9+ at MR 110 Exact, 175-177 SP, 65-68 XP), (frequent) 18-27 SP special attack, can't FLEE
  • 256 general XP for completion.

The Eye of ArngarorEdit

S - Starting point _ _ 1 - Moving walls _ _ 2 - White spider swarm _ _ L - Portal levers _ _ 3 - Massive Fire Spider
4 - White stone square _ _ i 1 - First of three large stone spider idol and first of three large ruby eyes.
i 2 - Second idol and second ruby eye _ _ i 3 - Third and final idol, and eye
d 1 - Western dial (turn eastward) _ _ d 2 - Eastern dial (turn westward) _ _ F - Flame-filled archway
N - Nirith (encounter) _ _ W - Wand (and SP fully restored)
P 1 - New passage way (opened by wand found at W) _ _ P 2 - Other side of newly opened passage
U - Ujulsu's chamber & the Eye of Arngaror emerald. PG V-EYE OF ARNGAROR-UJULSU'S LAIR MixedMarkings

  • You lose some SP at the beginning (~5-12)
  • Three battles with Large Brown Spider (9+ at MR 60 Exact, 100-110 SP, 5-6 XP), 6-14 SP special attack, can't FLEE
  • 64 XP to Destruction (70+)/Telekinesis (70+)/Fortification (70+)/Gating (70+)/Conjuration (60+) (Fortification and Conjuration tested)
  • 64 XP to Telekinesis (70+)/Elementalism (70+)/Fortification (70+)/Gating (70+)/Shadow Magic (60+) (SM tested)
  • Randomly wandering Large Brown Spiders (9+ at MR 60 Exact, 60-81 SP, 1+ XP), can't FLEE
  • 16 general XP for setting the levers in their right positions
    • All three levers should be UP. (Verified)
    • UP, DOWN, UP (from left to right) also works, and matches the clue (riddle) better. (Also confirmed.)
  • Massive Fire Spider (9+ at MR 75 Exact, 175 SP, 17 XP), 6-8 SP special attack, you have to attack 2 times before you can flee
  • 16 general XP for successfully removing each of the three gemstone eyes from the three stone spider idols (48 XP total), in each case by way of a Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1 + Luck * 1 + Arcana * 0.25 + Lore * 0.25 + Thievery * 0.25). 108 is a win. ? is a fail. You retrieve the ruby eye if you pass. Unknown consequences, if you don't pass.
  • TIP: To pass the fire barrier:
    • Turn the more westerly of the two dials to the East position.
    • Turn the more easterly of the two dials to the West position.

At this point your ally, Nirith appears, to encourage and guide you...

  • TIP: To pick up the floating iron wand: use your Shadow Magic power.
  • 64 XP to Shadow Magic (1+) for retrieving the wand and your stamina is restored (oddly enough, even if your power fizzles, you still receive all: experience, wand and restoration - and don't waste your NV points, no other power - nor skill - accomplishes anything, nor does it earn you additional experience).
  • 64 XP to Shadow Magic (50+)/Illusion (60+)/Gating (60+)/Necromancy (60+)/Thievery (70+)/Archery (70+) for using any of them against Ujulsu, when prompted (All tested).
  • 32 XP to Shadow Magic (60+)/Telekinesis (60+)/Fortification (60+)/Destruction (60+) for avoiding the web meant to trap you (All tested).
  • Or try to dodge - Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1 + Luck * 1). 50 is a fail. You lose ~20 SP if you don't pass.

After all that, Nirith once more materializes and assists you, before you finally get locked in close combat with the beastly arachnid:

  • Ujulsu (9+ at MR 90 Exact, 175-184 SP, 65 XP), can't FLEE

One object worth your attention remains lying on the floor...

  • 2,048 XP to Shadow Magic for picking up the ring (as well as lose all but 1 of your SP).

...then the ending of this adventure, filled with some twists and turns, to be read...

Completion reward
  • 512 general XP

A Light In The DarkEdit

  • As you kneel to help a friend, a surprise attack threatens your own life and you must roll for a Random check (1-100 + Agility * 1 + Luck * 1 + Unarmed Combat * 0.25). 88 is a win. 69 is a fail. Remain unharmed. if you pass. Lose ~12-26 SP if you don't pass
  • 16 XP to Shadow Magic (60+)/Fortification (70+) to quell the shadows (both tested)
  • 16 XP to Fortification (60+) to avoid a lightning bolt (lose 15-40 Stamina if your power fizzles)
  • At this point the The Eye Of Arngaror flares up and comes to life - you can choose to use it (no proper Hint here, of course), and this leads to a Random check (1-100 + Spirit * 0.5 + Aura * 1 + Arcana * 0.25). 51 is a win. The spell that binds Rynduil is broken and you gain 64 general XP if you pass. Consequences unknown, if you don't pass

Here, apart from the additional narrative and dialogue worth your attention, this installment of the adventure would end, unless - by not using the Eye right away - you continue as detailed below...

If you do not put the Eye to good use as suggested above, you may earn more XP - on the other hand, you may lose more SP, if the following attempt is unsuccessful:

  • 32 XP to Illusion (70+)/Gating (60+)/Shadow Magic (70+)/Telekinesis (70+)/Unarmed Combat (60+) for avoiding Rynduil's new attack (?) (Gating and Unarmed Combat tested)
  • 64 general XP if you use the Eye to avoid combat, by way of the same roll mentioned earlier: Random check (1-100 + Spirit * 0.5 + Aura * 1 + Arcana * 0.25). 51 is a win. The spell that binds Rynduil is broken and you gain 64 general XP if you pass. Consequences unknown, if you don't pass, or:
  • 65 combat XP for fighting Rynduil
Completion reward
  • 512 general XP

The Eyes of DeathEdit

You have three choices at the beginning

  • Aid Rynduil
    • 32 XP to Fortification (60+) Telekinesis (60+) Shadow Magic (60+) Unarmed Combat (60+) for avoiding Traeltok's surprise attack (Telekinesis, Shadow Magic and Unarmed Combat tested)
    • 32 XP to Fortification (60+) Shadow Magic (60+) to avoid an attack by a "shadow arm" (Fortification and Shadow Magic tested)
      This option now leads to an attack by a
    • Massive Shadowbeast (9+ at MR 85-86 Approx, 303 SP, 8+ XP), 9-13 SP special attack, can't FLEE, XP value "tainted" through use of powers
      • Refuse to take his hand You suffer ~5 SP damage and he takes your NV down to 10, from his psionic assault. He then heals you back for a fair fight.
    • Traeltok (9+ at MR 136-137 Approx, 300 SP, 100 XP), up to ~30 SP psionic attack, can't FLEE, after which he revives and readies for a second battle, but not before Rynduil uses SM to slip The Eye of Arngaror into the palm of your hand, at which point you're warned that an item now in your possession can be put to use. You can choose to unleash the power of the Eye against Traeltok Random check (1-100 + Spirit * 0.50 + Aura * 1 + Arcana * 1). 50 or more needed to pass, then another Random check (1-100 + Mind * 1 + Aura * 1 + Spirit * 2). 80 or more needed to pass against a psionic attack; rolling 83 resulted in the loss of 13 SP, followed by another roll to use the Eye, same as the first), or engage him directly. If you do choose to use the Eye against Traeltok, he unexpectedly demands that you do it again. Oblige him, and the scenario ends successfully - you receive the completion XP reward (see below).
  • Attack Traeltok
  • Retrieve the Eye
  • You will be prompted twice here that an item should be used. Use the Eye.
  • 1024 general xp for completion.

The FourEdit

  • Resist a psionic attack (Random check (1-100 + Mind * 0.50 + Spirit * 1 + Aura * 0.50). 126 is a win)
  • Two battles with Robed Skeleton (9+ at MR 90 Exact, 125 SP, 17 XP), nasty special psionic attack
  • Fight either:
    • An Ogre (9+ at MR 90 Exact, 200 SP, 33 XP) and
      a Robed Stalker (9+ at MR 90 Exact, 125 SP, 17 XP), nasty special psionic attack
    • -OR- Four battles with Robed Stalker (9+ at MR 90 Exact, 125 SP, 17-18 XP), nasty special psionic attack
  • 16 XP to Illusion (50+)/Gating (50+)/Shadow Magic (50+)/Telekinesis (70+)/Archery (50+) to wound the ogre (All Tested)
  • 256 general XP for completion.

The Village of ShadowEdit

You and Traeltok seek out Magraxxa's temple and must pass through Pirth-Starn, a village which is now only a shadow of what it was 600 years ago. 32 XP to general for a successful disguise - Random check (1-100 + Luck * 0.50 + Mind * 0.50 + Spirit * 1 + Aura * 0.50). 111 is a win. You find the dragon in a tavern masquerading as a mandolin player, his voice resounds in your mind after you exit it and the villagers form a mob. Traeltok is sucked into a pool a shadow, a feeling of weakness causes the loss of most of your NV (5 remaining observed) and you must fight a series of shadow minion villagers (all 3+ with a MR of 110; their SP and MR vary slightly on different play-throughs):

    • Hulking Blacksmith (9+ at MR 78-82 Variable, variable 89-93 SP, 6 XP)
    • Sword-Wielding Villager (9+ at MR 75-77 Approx, variable 70-71 SP, 3 XP)
    • 3 Armed Villagers (9+ at MR 78-80 Variable, variable 81-85 SP, 3 XP)
    • 4 Village Militia (9+ at MR 84-89 Variable, variable 100-105 SP, 5 XP)
    • 3 Club-Wielding Villagers (9+ at MR 79 Exact, variable 81-85 SP, 4 XP)
    • 2 Sword-Wielding Villagers (9+ at MR 75-76 Approx, variable 76-80 SP, 3 XP)
    • 6 Cudgel-Wielding Villagers (9+ at MR 95-110 Variable, variable 205-210 SP, 5-6 XP)
    • 4 Axe-Wielding Villagers (9+ at MR 87-92 Variable, variable 85-87 SP, 3 XP)
    • Village Swordsman (9+ at MR 81-86 Variable, variable 140-148 SP, 5 XP)
  • 384 general XP for completion.

The Minions of ShadowEdit

  • TIP! Fight Defensively! The amount of damage you do in a subduing battle doesn't change, but defensive fighting significantly decreases the damage inflicted upon you. Also don't forget that while most offensive spells aren't allowed in a subduing fight, shadow magic and Telekinesis are.
    Choose Sir Garilin. The XP reward is higher, and he's usually easier to defeat.
  • All opponents (with the possible exception of the Elementals which are 3+ @ <= MR 261; quick combat: 17 rounds; lost only 4 SP) are 3+ to hit with MR 111; however, you must subdue them all, and each one has a special attack.
  • 32 XP to Elementalism (60+) if you use it to get rid of the Elementals
  • 32 XP to Fortification (60+)/Elementalism (60+) if you block the bolt of flame (Both tested)
  • Archmage Kalath (9+ at MR 75 Exact, 100 SP, 2 XP)
  • Choose an opponent:
    NOTE: Once you choose an opponent, you don't get a chance to heal until all the end of the scenario.
  • Two battles with 6 Tysian Soldiers (9+ at MR 75 Exact, 200 SP, 1 XP).
  • 16 XP to Fortification (60+)/Elementalism (60+) if you block Fethmur's arc of flames (Both tested)
  • Fethmur (9+ at MR 95 Exact, 125 SP, 65 XP)
  • 384 general exp for completion.

The Master of ShadowEdit

The Lair of ShadowEdit

  • 8 general experience every time you manage to resist a mind probe by passing a Random check (1-100 + Mind * 1 + Aura * 1 + Spirit * 1). 85 is a win. roll needed likely lower (so make sure you don't miss any of them)
  • Note: If you have a quickstone, it will, like the rest of your equipment, be missing until you defeat the skeletons. You will not be able to heal using the stone. However, if you've completed the quickstone 20's upgrade, you will be able to use your stored 20's.
  • Sneak up on the skeletons - Random check (1-100 + Thievery * 0.25 + Agility * 1 + Luck * 0.50). 109 is a win.
    • Success: 2 Red-Eyed Skeletons (9+ at MR ??-43 Approx, 70 SP, 18+ XP), can't FLEE and a Hooded Skeleton (9+ at MR ??-43 Approx, 85 SP, 18+ XP), can't FLEE.
    • Failure unreported.
  • 32 XP to Illusion (60+)/Shadow Magic (60+)/Telekinesis (60+)/Necromancy (60+)/Thievery (60+) if used to get rid of the skeletons (All tested)
  • 768 general XP for completion.

The Demon's HeirEdit

Home Again, Home AgainEdit

The Leather Scroll Cases are pages from the Tome Of Forgotten Lore. Take them to Silver Crest Headquarters and use them to add them to the book.

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