Nollyr's Flight Formal Adventure?

Location: Talinus
Description: The sight of three men chasing a much older man along the edge of a dark, deserted lane is all it takes to steel your will and propel you into action...
Requirements: The Caves of Westwold
Difficulty: None at all. Optional fight 3+ at MR 75

General Information Edit

A very short and very easy adventure. Unlocks Shadowglen in Bentlimb Wood, a necessary step for The Hall of Ruin

Tips Edit

Fighting yields slightly more experience.

Prerequisites Edit

The Caves of Westwold

Walkthrough Edit

This adventure is a short and simple encounter. You have just one choice to make:

  • If you ask the men to leave the old man alone he puts the trio to sleep and you finish the encounter with no trouble
  • If you attempt to drive off the three men, then you knock down one of them and fight the other two: 2 Cudgel-Wielding Men (Subduing fight, 9+ at MR ??-62 Approx, 40 SP, 5+ XP), can't FLEE. After defeating them the three men leave and you finish the encounter with no further trouble

Rewards Edit

  • 5+ combat experience if you fight the men
  • 128 general experience for completion
  • You learn the location of Shadowglen in Bentlimb Wood (special location you can return to, you don't have to explore to find it)

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