Lothren (AG) Informal Adventure

Location: Talinus
Description: This quest opens Lothren's services, and allows access to Kyul-Thanor.
Requirements: none, but Eavesdropping helps.
Difficulty: 9+ at MR ~60 on the most difficult path.

Note: Listed in Adventure Log as Great Warrior Spirit

General InformationEdit

Lothren is an NPC that can be found in Penekarn Lane in the city of Talinus in Central Tysa.

To be able to meet Lothren and use his services you must complete this quest first.

After this quest, he becomes your mentor on the way of Palk, the Great Warrior Spirit.

Lothren will also perform the following services:

These services will only be shown if you need them, so, e.g. if you don't have any Unidentified Items on you the option to identify them won't be available.


To trigger the event, you can complete the "Eavesdropping" adventure to know about a certain "Larksong Way", or you can just Explore Talinus for "Larksong Way" (if you Explore Talinus without completing Eavesdropping, the quest will disappear from the Adventure list after you find Larksong Way). You'll encounter a young lad named Dirbik who can tell you, for 25 gold, to search the forest (that is, Explore Talinus again) for a "forest statue". After you do, you'll find a troll camp.

You can:

  • Boldly enter the camp
    • Attack the trolls. You must make a Stat Check vs Agility, without bonus or penalties.
      • If you succeed, you lose a few SP and face a troll (9+ at MR 39, 45 SP).
      • After that, you get the opportunity to use Archery, fight or flee from 4 Forest Trolls (9+ at MR47, 50 SP). If you flee, you go back to Talinus and can restart the encounter.
      • After that, combat with 2 Large Forest Trolls, (9+ at MR 49, 50 SP).
      • At last, combat with the chieftain. Forest Troll Chieftan (9+ at MR 58-59 Approx, 70 SP). Rewards are the same as if you slew him after the parley.
    • Demand to parley with the leader. You must roll 1-100 + 2xDiplomacy (56 is a win) to be able to talk with the troll leader. After that, you can:
      • Convince him to leave the area (Diplomacy 30+ required). You must roll under 95. If you succeed, you get 32 XP.
      • Attack him: Forest Troll Chieftan (9+ at MR 41-42 Approx, 50 SP, 33 combat XP). If you manage to slay him, the other trolls run away, and you get some gold (48-66 observed) and Large Spiked Club.
  • Sneak up to investigate. You must roll 1-100 + 2*Thievery (71 is a failure, 87 is successful)
    • If you fail, same as if you directly attacked the trolls.
    • If you succeed, you slay the troll leader in his sleep (32 XP). The other trolls leave.
  • Go back to Talinus.

After trolls have left you receive:

  • An Unidentified Icon (your first Icon). This icon is usually wood, but at least one iron icon has been acquired here.
  • 64 general experience
  • You hear the voice of Palk, the Great Warrior Spirit and become a Disciple of Palk.

Then you have to look for Lothren again in Penekarn Lane. This time you'll be able to reach him, and after this encounter you'll have direct access to Lothren and to the idol of Palk (the gateway to Kyul-Thanor) from the main screen of Talinus.



  • 1-4 XP for successful use of Archery (appears to be random)

For defeating the Forest Troll Chieftan:

If you successfully sneaked up to investigate:

  • 32 General XP


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